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The moon

No description

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of The moon

3. The Earth and The moon

Salvador Carrión // Colegio Madrigal
28 days
How big is the moon?
28 days
Phases of the moon
New moon
First quarter
Full moon
Last quarter
The tides

The sun
Big mass
Big distance
The moon
Small mass
Short distance
The eclipses
Solar eclipse
Moon eclipse
Main ideas

What are the craters of the moon?
What is the distance Earth-moon?
Name and describe the movements of the Moon.
Draw a diagram with the phases of the moon and name it.
What are the tides?
When we have a high tide? and a low tide?
When an eclipse occurs?
Vocabulary (page 30 and 31 )
Copy the title!
You know what you have to do...

No atmosphere
Extreme temperatures
28 days
Low gravity
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