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Hard to Swallow Session 2

No description

Annaliese Murray

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Hard to Swallow Session 2

Learning Intentions
To show knowledge and understanding on the topic of eating disorders. This will be achieved through the following activities:
freeze frames
mark the moment
symbolic movement/mime/gesture
Movement (puppetry) and voice to explore section 7- A family Division
Physical theatre- section 8- Brussels Sprouts
A Family Division
In groups of 6-7 devise your own version of this scene focusing on movement and use of voice to create atmosphere and highlight the effects of Anorexia on the family.
Eating Disorders
Looking at the following stimuli discuss as a class what you understand Anorexia Nervosa to be.

Why would someone do this to themselves?

Hard to Swallow
Unit 2 Exploration
Session 2

In & Out of Hospital
Create a series of 4 freeze frames which highlight the most important aspects of this scene.
Pg 31-34 Section 6
Add text from the script to these images
Now consider how you can use mime, movement and gesture to bring the scene as a whole to life using the freeze frames as 'marked moments' in the scene.
Section 7 pg 35
A successful performance will...
Follow the stage directions and use of puppetry.
Create atmosphere through strong and stylized movements.
Physically illustrate the family dynamics
The Brussels Sprouts Scene
Section 8 page 36-38
your initial thought of the scene.
the mood/atmosphere of the scene.
Ways into this scene.
What objects are being created through physical theatre?
In groups of no more than 8 re-create the Brussles Sprout scene using physical theatre, narration, flashback and cross-cutting.

A successful performance will...
Build tension
Use physical theatre
convey strong emotions
Reduce it!
Now create the same scene without the use of any words- focusing solely on the physical interpretation of the scene.
A successful performance will...
Use rhythm, pace a tempo to build tension
Learning Stop
What do you feel you learned through the work on physical theatre?
What understanding do you have of Maureen and Catherine at this stage of the play?
How was your interpretation of these characters portrayed during your first interpretation of the scene?
Did this change at all once you took away the words?
What did you feel was the most effective way of building up tension and why do you think this?
Who do you think worked particularly well during this session and why?
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