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Digital Storytelling

No description

Samantha Duke

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling


Samantha Duke

ED 305
What is Digital Storytelling????
Digital storytelling at its most basic core is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories.

Digital storytelling includes tools used to present a story, such as full motion video, animation, audio, or any other form of non-physical media.
Digital Storytelling Examples:
computer based images
recorded audio narration
video clips

What are the best practices for Digital Storytelling?
Digital Storytelling Defined
Practice of ordinary people using digital technology to tell a story.

Many times, they are interactive.

Cover a range of digital narratives.
- Web based stories
- Hypertext
- Interactive stories
- Narrative computer games

Educational Practices
Focuses on what is being taught.

Must relate to the students.

Stories need to be kept short, under 5 minutes, to help retain attention.

Vibrant pictures and narration are a necessity.
Digital Storytelling for the Primary Grades
Digital storytelling is being used on a regular basis within classroom settings.
Used to promote multimedia literacy and build student engagement.
Aspects of digital storytelling such as pictures, narration, and music reinforce ideas and appeal to different learning styles.
Digital Storytelling for the Secondary Grades
Content-related digital stories can help students to understand abstract concepts.

Digital storytelling helps to expand the minds of students through the use of technology.

Make students think outside the box

Paint a more vivid picture of the topic of discussion.
Digital Storytelling & Student Learning
Students benefit from hands-on learning techniques.

Through digital storytelling, students are able to build literacy skills when they participate in the multiple steps of designing, creating, & presenting their own digital stories.
Examples of Digital Storytelling
Research papers and essays

Projects involving software such as iMovie, Movie Maker, Photo Story, etc.

Lectures or PowerPoint lessons involving audio or YouTube clips as well as still images.

Student PowerPoint presentations.

Digital photography projects

Digital storytelling promotes student learning.

Helps to build necessary literacy skills in students.

Practices differ depending on the age of the students.

Digital storytelling has many different aspects that appeal to all learning types.

Can be applied to virtually any school subject.

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