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Common Goldfish

No description

Nicole Sowards

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Common Goldfish

Food Chain Cont.
Humans can eat goldfish, but its more common in Asia and other eastern countries. Eels also eat goldfish in the wild. Goldfish eat plankton and other bacteria and phytoplankton.
Anatomy Cont.
Goldfish have dorsal fins, caudal fins, pelvic fins, pectoral fins, and an anal fin. They breathe using their gills. They have a lateral line along the side of their body, which they use to sense movement in the water around them.
Life Cycle Cont.
Female goldfish lay about 30 eggs,but only a few grow up to be fries, which is the second stage of a goldfish's life cycle. She lays her eggs by rubbing against a plant. They hatch from the eggs and stay on a plant for a couple of days, and then they begin to swim.
Goldfish have a mouth and an anus, so they have a complete digestive tract, but they do not have a stomach, so they produce a lot of waste due to the fact that they can not store large amounts of food
Common Goldfish
Life Cycle
Food Chain




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