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Mr. Jeremy Willow Financial Portfolio

No description

Pinks Lau

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Mr. Jeremy Willow Financial Portfolio

Main Objectives WHAT? - Purpose of Client Investment Portfolio WHO? - Financial Overview HOW? - My Analysis Current Economic Conditions Mr. Jeremy Willow Client Investment Portfolio My Recommendations ABOUT My Investment Strategy Time Horizon and Taxation Issues TD CANADA TRUST Baker Hughes Incorporated Silvercorp Metals Inc Outcome - How Successful? Work Cited - Investment involves the practice of taking risks and trains personal traits
- Bonds, stocks, real estates, or mutual funds
- Understand context
- Satisfy client's desires
- Careful review of the needs and objectives Name: Jeremy Willow
Age: 28 Years Old
Marital Status: Married
Additional Information:
- Business degree
- Sales manager
- Estate Investment
- Financially stable; above average in terms of annual income and expenditures - Reduce/Eliminate Debts
- Maintain substantial emergency fund
- Diversified portfolio
- Increase property Risk Tolerance: 3/5 - Diversified group of
- Blue-chip stocks
- Maximize return to help reduce debts and liquidate - Mutual funds
- Blue chip stocks (banks)
- Unnecessary for RRSP

- TD Canada Trust
- Baker Hughes Incorporated (BHI)
- Silvercorp Metal Inc (SVM) CANADA USA - Recovery after growing unemployment rate
- High export earnings result in $10 billion increase in GDP
- GDP rises 0.3%
- Canada's infrastructure projects - Success in business investment and auto sales
- Drops, then rises repetitively
- Currently at its greatest value
- Inflation only a little over 1% Taxation Issues TIME HORIZON - Young and in no rush
- Less than 10 years
- Higher withdrawal rates
- Take into consideration future plans - Tax-free savings account
- Doesn't charge taxes on any contributions, interests earned, dividends, capital gains, nor withdrawals
- Reducing current and future income taxes ranked 4/7 - 1100 branches
- Outstanding amongst competitors in industry
- Reputable; won CSSA for six years in a row
- Can be found in NYSE market Overview Financial Analysis - Current ratio: 1.06
- Covers liabilities at ease
- Return on assets: 0.84%
- Easily convert investments into profit How TD Fits into Investment Strategy - Widely held stock in Canada
- Blue chip stock: leading retail bank
- Consistent with revenue and earnings
- Reliable: 52 week range remains steady
- Great history of dividend growth
- Improvements in profit value Why I Recommend TD - Blue chip: leading retail bank (meets objective)
- Very low risks; increase in earnings
- Excel analyst estimates Overview - Top tier oilfield company
- Dominating company within industry
- World's largest oilfield service company
- Operates over 90 countries
- Deliver solutions; assist oil and gas operators
- Provide oil and gas for drilling
- S&P 500 index component
- Can be found in NYSE market Financial Analysis - Current ratio: 2.80
- Ability to pay off short term liabilities with its short-term assets
- High liquidity
- Profit margin: 8.77%
- Well control over its cost How BHI Fits into Investment Strategy/Why I recommend BHI - Diversification
- Exemplified as reputable and reliable as a result of care to public (social responsibility)
- Outstanding values: revenue, operating income, net income, total asset, total equity
- Constructive, successful planning Overview Financial Analysis How SVM Fits into Investment Strategy/Why I recommend SVM - Previously known as Spokane Resources LTD
- Canadian based, China focused metal company
- Engaged in silver containing properties
- China's largest primary silver producer - Diversification
- Appeal to public for efficiency and effectiveness in job
- Different mining approach worldwide
- Many countries rely on China for imports/exports
- Offer high profits to shareholders
- Return on Common Shareholder's Equity: 17.64%
- Owes no debts
- Profitable and maximizes returns - Current ratio: 5.87
- Asset value 6 times liability value
- Collection period: 12.39
- Consistent in collecting account receivables Based on moderate level of risk tolerance:
- Stocks and mutual funds most suitable
- All three investments are reasonable fofr young married couple
- Diversification met (bonds and mutual funds)
- Wanted blue chip company; TD
- Help maximize; two components of S&P 500 "Canada Current Economic Conditions." Canadian Economic Observer: Charts. Statistics Canada,
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