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GM 2 - Spiral

No description

Heath Campbell

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of GM 2 - Spiral

of the Year
Jose Quintanilla - Parwood on Cypress Station
Business Manager
of the Year

Jackie Schuley - San Melia
Against All Odds
CTA of the Year
Gwen Newman - Tanglwood at Voss
Leasing Professional of the Year
Parkwood on Cypress Station
Platinum Sponsors
Ruby Sponsors
Maintenance Supply Headquarters
HD Supply
Century A/C
Lara Refinishing & Resurfacing
M&J Contractors
Gold Sponsors
Apartment Guide
Alfred's Painting and Carpet Cleaning
For Rent
Valet Waste
EHL Painting
Core Landscaping Group
Houstex Painting
Mana Distributors
Silver Sponsorships
Cort Furniture
Apartment Finder
Project Lighting
Bronze Sponsorships
Apartment Data Services
KWH Consulting
Ellis Consulting Group
Real Page
Liberty Group
2013 Tenure Milestone
5 Years
Sandy Heinrich
April Lozano
Amy Kirby
Shauntara Greene
Leah Morris
Tomas Montelongo-Segovia
James Barrett
Francis Gamez
James Rickard
Jose Gonzalez
10 Years
Rene Campa
Heath Campbell
15 Years
Henry Griffin
Texscape Services
AAA Plumbers
GEMSTAR Contruction
Eagle Award
Sandy Heinrich
Maria Martinez
Crystal Rymill
Century Club
Kayla Colfer - 93
Chandre Jones - 95
Top Leasing
Mgrs & Assts
Maria Martinez - 38
Amy Kirby - 38
Joan Casimiro - 46
Shelley Poehler - 49
April Lozano - 56
Jerrikka Alston - 64
Aic Rivera - 65
Courtney Darton - 70
Lindsay Kiefat - 110
Jessica Rocha - 156
Top Leaser
Michell Ramirez - 217
Kristi Lavenduski - Watermark at Barker Cypress
Kawanna Kosadnar - Alta Gardens
2013 Gold Medallion
Groundskeeper - Housekeeper of the Year
Jose Montenegro Cuevas - Lodge at Spring Shadows
Leroy Massie - Tanglewood at Voss
Nahum Olayo - Montecito
Flora Ruiz - Parque Del Oro
Sonia Garcia - Mirabella
Lindsay Kiefat - Ten Pines
Ashley Marzullo - Tanglewood at Voss
Charndre Jones - Nubia Square
Kayla Colfer - Versailles Park
Maintenance Assistant
of the Year
Manual Garcia - San Melia
James Rickard - Montecito
Rene Campa - Parkwood on Cypress Station
Ricardo Avalos - San Montego
Carlos Menjivar - Alta Gardens
Assistant Manager
of the Year
Danasha Slater - Memorial City
Demetra Rodriguez - Mirabella
Jerrikka Alston - San Melia
Courtney Darton - Lodge at Spring Shadows
Amy Mohs - Versailles Park
Ashley Marzullo - Tanglewood at Voss
Lauren Diaz - Watermark at Baker Cypress
Jennifer Sosa - Mirage
Lead Tech
of the Year
Mario Salcido - San Montego
Sammy Gonzalez - Mirage
Freddy Contreras - Alta Gardens
Norberto Roda - The Fountains at Memorial City
Julie Arteaga - Parkwood at Cypress Station
Jeremy Bell - San Montego
Tammy North - Maroneal
Lindsey Marzullo - Mirabella
Spirit of Lincoln
Crystal Rymill - Parque Del Oro
Kristi Lavenduski - Watermark at Barker Cypress
Thi Nguyen - The Fountains at Memorial City
Michelle Avery - Phoenician
Tanglewood at Voss
San Melia
Sherwin Williams
Freddy Contereras
Pete Ruiz
Jet Waste
First Advantage
Capture the Market
Diamond Sponsors
Appliance Warehouse
Envy Exteriors
San Montego
TIAA 4 Diamond Winners
Ashley Marzullo
Kawanna Kosadnar
Leroy Massie
James Rickard
Lauren Diaz
Demetra Rodriguez
Norberto Roda
Jackie Schuley
Joel Rodriguez - Watermark at
Barker Cypress
Jose Quintanilla - Parkwood on
Cypress Station
Elvin Sanchez - The Lodge at
Spring Shadows
Spirit of Lincoln
Michelle Avery
Jose Quintanilla
Parkwood on Cypress Station
Gwen Newman
Leah Morris
Jose Ramirez
Michell Ramirez
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