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Learn everything about Google in this short presentation.

yemam .com

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Google

Sergey and Larry attended the 1998 Burning Man Festival in Nevada. They put an icon of a Man inside the red "O" in the Google logo. This was how the first Google Doodle was created.
was created because...
The First Google Doodle
Larry Page went to Stanford University as a graduate from the University of Michigan. There, he met Sergey Brin, who was assigned to show him around. That, is how the two famous founders of Google, met.
On September 14, 1997, Google was registered as a domain. "Google" is a play on the word "googol"--it shows Larry and Sergey's mission to create a search engine that had seemingly infinite information.
by Stella
Part 1
The Beginning
Every year end, since 2001...
There has been a Google Zeitgeist that tells you the top searches every month that year. For 2014, the top searches were "Robin Williams", "Ebola", and "World Cup".

Part 2
How it works
Search starts with the web. The web is made of over
60 billion
different websites, and is constantly growing.
The web pages are sorted by information, and is all kept track in the index, which is made of over 100 million gigabytes.
An algorithm is a set of rules that are created to solve a problem, especially in computers.
Google uses a trademarked algorithm called PageRank. PageRank looks for clues to better understand what your search means. Using that information, they pull documents from the 100-million-gigabyte-index.

And all of that happens in just an eight of a second. That is 0.125 seconds.

One word: Incredible.
Part 3
Google and Apple's relationship hasn't exactly been pleasant. However, former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt...
...says that he has a lot of respect for Apple. "These are two proud, well run, different companies", said Schmidt.
Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt
Company 1
Company 2
Facebook and Google...
...aren't exactly besties.
They don't really communicate. However, because Android belongs to Google, and Google has a "relatively open approach to their platforms",
The Facebook app can do better in the Android version than the Apple version.
Even though Facebook's relationship with Apple is warmer than it is with Google.
Part 4
Inside a Google Company
The interior of a Google office is
There are over 70 offices in the world, and no two are the same.
Fun fact: Google doesn't believe in office cubicles.
They think everyone should be accessible at all times, and there is no need to hide anything.
So Googlers all work at a long desk. But if you don't like the idea of working at a desk with everyone, then you must consider the following options.
by Stella Wang
such as this.
or maybe these.
These are my favourite.
As you can probably already tell from the work environments, Google treats their employees with extra care.
Google believes that it's really the employees they hire that makes the company the kind of company it is. They only hire smart, determined, and efficient workers.
For an office.
Larry and Sergey began collaborating on projects.
They didn't know they would become such good friends. But hey, they did. And they both had the idea to sell an idea for a search engine for
1 Million Dollars
But luckily for them (and us!), nobody bought the idea. Because today, Google is worth so much more than just a million.
Today, Google is worth almost $350 million.
First International Doodle
Burning Man Doodle
(the first ever!)
Using that information, they pull documents from the 100-million-gigabyte-index.
They make sure their employees have the best experiences at work.
And their employees do.
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