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SAC careers

No description

Josie Tippett

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of SAC careers

Zoologists works with many different animals
(e.g. elephants, kangaroos, killer
whales) usually employed by colleges or universities SAC Careers
By: Kiley & Josie Marine Mammal Trainers average salary is $53,330/year education:
Doctoral Degree
Masters 1,000 average jobs
opening per year working conditions:
outside mostly, have to deal with harsh conditions
inside sometimes for reasearch and experiments school/training:
internship with a local animal science labratory
medical college of Geargia on call 24 hours a day
preparing food, feeding animals, observing animals, training animals
only 1/2 of day allowed to be devoted to animals
whales, dolphins, porpoises, manatees, seals, walruses, otters, polar bears pay: average $26, 310 education:
beneficial to take lots of science classes in high school and first year of university
Bachelor of Science degree
Practical animal experience beneficial
study in being a Animal Health Technician
Scuba certification and experience career projection not very good, based mainlyon the building of aquariums work outside everyday no matter the weather volunteering at veteranary offices, aquariums, zoos, etc. is very beneficial
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