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Personal Learning Environment

Daisy Christie

Daisy Christie

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Personal Learning Environment

My Personal Learning Environment By Daisy Christie This is a description of my online learning resources that I use for my course - Human Physiology, for example... The VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)-
This online resource is provided by the University of Leeds, it contains all the module information, learning resources, reading lists and a coursework upload area for me to submit my work. The announcements on the VLE also help me keep up to date with my modules and the resources tab links me to the library catalogue so I can search for journals or books. University of Leeds Portal
I can use this to check my e-mails, timetables, exam time tables, it can also link me to the VLE, the Leeds University Union and the library catalogue. Furthermore, it can show me which modules I am taking already or can take in the future. Plus, it contains exams and IT information.
This is an extremely useful resource as it contains a huge amount of information. I use it to assist me with my pratical reports and revision. It is helpful if I do not know or understand a particular area of what I am studying. However it could be inaccurate as it is a Wiki, enabling anyone to access and alter the information on the website, therefore it may be incorrect or inaccurate.
Another good online learning tool. I use this for educative videos.
Another problem with this website is that anyone could put a video on, therefore I should be careful when I use them, previously I have used recommended videos, such as this informative clip about Gene Protein Coupled Receptors. I also use various search engines, such as... I use these as they are a useful method for finding specific sites, which may be more reliable or take the topic being studied into more depth than other well known websites.
I use this social networking site to talk to my course mates on facebook chat about the course. We help each other out and answer questions if we can.
This website is its name - a dictionary. It is good to use to look up complex words that may be in a text book or online, which therefore helps me understand the text.
This is like a dictionary but specific to medical language, it puts complex terms in basic explanations. This is extremely beneficial to me doing Human Physiology as I often come across conditions or diseases I do not understand fully, I feel this website is very good for explaning such things in words I can understand.
I use this to keep up to date with the latest scientific news, I find it very interesting to read aroung the articles which relate to Human Physiology. This is useful especially when the article is similar to what I am currently studying. Anatomy.tv
This website contains interative anatomy, which is great as you can visualise the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. This is also a very good revision tool. Thank you for watching!

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