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The Kite Runner - Chapter 11-14

No description

Sushi the Potato

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of The Kite Runner - Chapter 11-14

Amir has to face, and accept Baba's inevitable death
Amir and Baba move to America
Amir graduates high school and starts to pursue his dream in creative writing at junior college
On Sunday mornings, they sell "nick-nacks", that they have bought at garage sales the previous day, in the San Jose flea market - this is where they meet General Sahib and Soraya
Baba gets lung cancer, but doesn't want anyone to know
Baba asks for Soraya's hand in marriage for Amir
Soraya and Amir marry
Baba passes away
Soraya can't have kids, 'unexplained infertility'
Amir gets a call from Rahim Khan, asking to meet him in Pakistan
"America was a river, roaring along, unmindful of the past. I could wave into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the waters carry me someplace far. Someplace with no ghosts, no memories, and no sins." (Chapter 11, pg 144)
The Kite Runner
Chapters 11-14
Created by: Jane, Isabel, Judy, Megan, Para and Susie
Now presenting...
By: Khaled Hosseini
New Characters
Mr. & Mrs. Nguyen
“Listening to them, I realized how much of who I was, what I was, had been defined by Baba and the marks he had left on people’s lives. My whole life, I had been ‘Baba’s son.’ Now he was gone. Baba couldn’t show me the way anymore; I’d have to find it on my own./The thought of it terrified me."(pg. 184)
Recent Character Developments
New Relationships
Relationship Changes
Thematic Developments
Stylistic Devices
“Baba was like a widower who remarries but can’t let go of his dead wife.” (136)
“Baba walked out of the welfare office like a man cured of tumor.” (138)
“Homes that made Baba’s house looks like a servant’s hut”
“Maybe I spell ‘cat’ and the teacher will give me a glittery little star so I can run home and show it to you” (134)
Connections to Secondary Sources
Rostam and Sohrab
Traditions and Life in Afghanistan
People are very helpful to everyone how ever they can help
Compares the night of Yelda with Amir's feelings towards Soraya
Long marriage ceremonies and the guy and girl aren't allowed to meet until they are married
Salam/Salam alaykum - hello/greeting
Khuda Hafez - May god be your guardian
Bachem - son
Ghazal - type of music/song usually romantic and calming
Nika - wedding
The Kite Runner &
a refugee is...
600 000 IDPs, 2.5 million refugees
6.5 million IDPs, 2.4 million refugees
: under 1 mil. IDPs 400 000 refugees
: over 3.8 mill refugees displaced since 1948
The Rise of Islamic Extremist Terrorism
The Taliban
Boko Haram
immigrant unemployment rate is 8.1% in the USA
how to get a visa...
different job standards
exchange rate
healthcare system
Amir and Baba
Amir realizes how much his father loves him
“‘Maybe we should go back to Peshawar… You were happier there, Baba. It was more like home,’ I said./‘Peshawar was good for me. Not for you… Besides, I didn’t bring us here for me, did I?’... I thought of all the trucks, train sets, and bikes he’d bought me in Kabul. Now America. One last gift for Amir.” (137)
Amir sees how proud his father is of him
Baba buys Amir a car for graduating high school
He shows Soraya the leather-bound book where Amir has written his stories
Baba allows Amir to interact with Soraya as long as he doesn’t embarrass him
Later, Baba asks the General for his daughter’s hand for Amir
Now it was Amir taking care of Baba instead of reverse like before
He takes Baba to a hospital when he is coughing up blood
“They discharged Baba two days later… That night, Baba was lying on the couch, a wool blanket covering him. I brought him hot tea and roasted almonds. Wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him up much too easily. His shoulder blade felt like a bird’s wing under my fingers. I pulled the blanket back up to his chest where ribs stretched his thin, sallow skin.” (170)
Amir makes sure Baba sees his marriage by skipping engagement period
American attacks on terrorists
Syrian civil war
Israel vs Palestine
The effect on soldiers and citizens in war zones
Faisal Alazam visiting Syria
"Oh don't worry, it's cloudy. When it's cloudy, they don't throw bombs, or they don't fly."
Appreciation of Life and Death
A girls relationship will be forever stained by her past,
whereas a boy is more free and can be redeemed
Frustrates Baba
Makes Baba feel demonated
Mr. Iqbal Taheri(General Sahib)
Soraya Taheri
Decorated general
Common status like Baba
Iqbal's Daughter
Very family oriented
Iqbal's wife
Really like Amir
"I saw she had a brown, sickle-shaped birthmark on the smooth skin just above her left jawline" (page 148)
Jamila Taheri
He always lived for his father's approval
Finally realizes his flaws
Less self-centered
Mostly common collected until he moves to America
Becomes more irritable and uptight
"And I thought of Hassan.
Some day
, Inshallah,
you will be a great writer, he had said once, and people all over the world will read your stories
. There was so much goodness in my life. So much happiness. I wondered whether I deserved any of it."(pg. 193)
New environment
No one left besides each other
"'Almost two years we've bought his damn fruits and put money in his pocket and the son of a dog wants to see my license!'"(pg. 134)
"'You're a nice young man but your father, he's crazy. Not welcome anymore.'"(pg. 135)
East bay to south bay
Flea market
Khanum Taheri
Literacy (159)
Green dress (179)
Tenderness of a woman (181)
“Sat in the shade of a red maple.” (184)
Car (140), Handing keys over
“I am moftakhir, Amir, … Proud. His eyes gleamed when he said that and I liked being on the receiving end of that look.” (139)
-->"I wish you'd give the chemo a chance, Baba." "
! I've made my decision."
"What about me, Baba? What am I supposed to do?" (Chapter 12, pg 165)
--> '...talk Baba into getting radiation treatment. Baba refused. They tried to talk
me into talking him into it. But I'd seen the look on Baba's face.' (Chapter 12, pg 170)
--> 'Baba had wrestled bears his whole life. Losing his young wife. Raising a son by himself.
Leaving his beloved homeland, his
. Poverty. Indignity. In the end, a bear had come that he couldn't best. But even then, he had lost on his own terms.' (Chapter 13, 183)
Amir experiences how valuable and precious a baby could be by not being able to have one.
-->"Oh, they're just men having fun! I make one mistake and suddenly everyone is talking
, and I have to have my face rubbed in it for the rest of my life."
(Chapter 13, pg 188)
“I helped him into a clean white shirt and knotted his tie for him, noting the 2 inches of empty space between the collar and the button and Baba’s neck. I thought of all the empty spaces Baba would leave behind when he was gone, and I made myself think of something else. (171)
“I could almost feel the emptiness in Soraya’s womb, like it was a living, breathing thing. It had seeped into our marriage, that emptiness, into our laughs, and our lovemaking. And late at night,, in the darkness of our room, I’d feel it rising from Soraya and settling between us. Sleeping between us. Like a newborn child.” (199)
“Baba’s dry lips stretched into a smile. A spot of green on a wilted leaf.”
Teaching and Author Jobs
Ghost Baby

Wuthering Heights
Amir and Soraya
Amir always waits until the General is gone for a walk before going to talk to Soraya
Before exchanging vows, Soraya tells Amir about her past
Amir and Soraya are eventually promised to each other and married at the Taheri house
They start trying to have a child, but it is discovered they have “Unexplained Infertility”
The doctor suggests adopting which greatly affects their marriage as it builds a wall between them
Amir and Jamila Taheri
Jamila seems very fond of Amir from the beginning
After Amir marries Soraya, he becomes the “new delight” in Jamila’s life (187)
Amir and General Sahib (Iqbal Taheri)
General catches Amir and Soraya talking and “reminds” him that it isn’t proper
Taheri is supportive of Amir’s writing; when Amir and Soraya move into a new apartment, Taheri buys him a typewriter for his many tales to come
Baba and General Sahib (Iqbal Taheri)
They knew each other back in Kabul
General Taheri visits Baba when he is hospitalized and sincerely asks if he needs anything
Baba and Soraya
After wedding with Amir, Soraya decides to dedicate herself to taking care of Baba
Iqbal Taheri and Jamila Taheri
Sleep in different rooms
Sometimes, Taheri will refuse Jamila’s qurma, then sulk and eat bread and onion; makes Jamila cry
Taheri never lets Jamila sing in public
Iqbal Taheri and Soraya
It is apparent that the two have very different opinions
To Taheri’s “chagrin” (disappointment), Soraya enrolled in university to become a teacher
Taheri’s frailty after breaking his hip has softened his relationship with Soraya
Jamila Taheri and Soraya
Jamila is always “teasing” about when she can sing for her grandchild
"Soraya Taheri. My Swap Meet Princess"
Amir = Rostam
Soraya = princess
incomplete because they do not have a child
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