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fs3 (episodes 1-3)

No description

karen mena

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of fs3 (episodes 1-3)

The School’s Learning Resources EPISODE 1: Learning resource centers benefit students by supplementing the learning process. They function as a place to introduce, reinforce and expand student learning, and can be school- or community-based. Centers can provide access to learning materials or serve as a peer learning center. There are a various types of learning centers, each geared toward providing students with resources to expand their educational experience. IMPORTANCE OF LEARNING RESOURCE CENTER July 25, 2012 AUDIO RESOURCES PRINT RESOURCES audio tapes Microphones MP3s/ CDs Flash cards and posters worksheets and handouts books it can be used in story telling. they are comprehensive. they are used in written activities flash cards are mostly used for oral recitation
posters are used to show pictures to the
whole class non-electronic visual resources ICT Computers lego blocks wooden blocks pocket charts other manipulatives lego blocks comes with different color and sizes. children used it to build different objects. it can be used in teaching math, art, science, music, etc. wooden blocks are flat, cylindrical, rectangular, conical or cubic. they are used to form objects pocket charts are aid in presenting different lesson, they can be used in all subjects. the pictures or strip of words are placed inside the pocket. These are used during activities like in physical education, in singing nursery rhymes and during the flag ceremony. microphone is used to modulate the voice of the speaker. ANALYSIS The learning materials were arranged according to its functions, colors and it's type. like for example, all the non electronic visual are placed in one corner and sorted to it's functions like if its for manipulative materials or whether it is a printed material. The observed weakness of the LRC was the usage of these materials. Some of them are Covered with dust maybe because they are often used. The learning resource center of child’s world has many variety of materials that are tailor-made the children specially for the SPED. They’re materials are complete, colorful, in good condition and functional. Were the learning resources/materials arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics? What are the strengths of this Learning Resource Center? What are its weaknesses? The teachers should made use of there resources and incorporate different materials in their lesson. There should be variety and diversity in using instructional materials in their class. What suggestions can you make? LIST OF AVAILABLE LEARNING RESOURCE It is easy to operate
It can be used in different subjects
It can be used several times It’s unique
It is fun, you can incorporate play in learning
Can be use in sorting colors and sizes
It can be used as stress reliever to children with tantrums
Children enjoy playing these balls. I need to incorporate manipulative materials to the lesson wherein children will enjoy playing them and at the same time they are also learning.
I need to make sure that the activity is related to the lesson.
Make sure that the children will not only develop cognitive skill but also physical, emotional and social skills in the activity. The use of manipulative materials Which of the materials in the learning resources caught your interest most? Why? Karen Elaine Mena
3PSED2 MY REFLECTION POCKET CHART Which of the gadgets/ materials are you already confident to use/ operate Which ones do you feel you need to learn more about? What difficulties, if any, did the teacher experience? How can this be managed?

We think that the room was not so conducive for learning because the dividers of each classroom were just these thin blackboards and you can overheard the noise from the other class and the noise outside. Recommendation: If they want to maintain an open space kind of classroom we think “glass” could have been a better kind of divider so that monitoring would still take its place and there would be less distractions to these young students. What do you think prompted the teacher to choose the materials/learning resources that she/he used?

Aside from its availability, I think tools used are the most efficient and common medium for the specific lesson they were trying to portray.

Proofs : students were responding to the teacher , they were attentive in listening they have focus and active Put yourself in the place of the teacher. What would you do similarly and what would you do differently if you will teach the same lesson to the same group of students? Why? Analysis EPISODE 3
TEACHING AIDS arts skill.
If the teacher has an artistic skill, it would not be hard for her to make the bulletin board because she has a technique and method in designing the content. Also, you can save money instead of spending for buying expensive art materials. Visual skills.
Teachers are somewhat like interior designers; they must be able to visualize the presentation and impact they want to create, then apply those to the display. Unique ideas
The teacher’s own design. If the student sees unusual thing or something new in the bulletin board, you will surely get their attention because they saw uncommon design that they want to know and explore. Organizational skills
The third one is the teacher should know how to organize the content of the bulletin board by arranging and grouping the content properly. Second, the teacher should be resourceful. The teacher should know how to reuse / recycle other materials that would help the bulletin board more attractive and beautiful.
You don’t need to spend too much money in making bulletin board display. But if you do, the cost should be within the school budget. Your Reflection Your Analysis First, the teacher must be creative. She tries to present concepts and content in an interesting way. This will get the attention of the students if the bulletin board is made with creativity. Name at least 5 skills that a teacher should have to be able to come up with effective board displays. Elaborate on why each skill is needed. I think the purpose of their bulletin boards is for the students to appreciate their own work and the works of their classmates. It is effective because the students will be motivated to work and there self-confidence will be develop because they can see their achievements. What do you think was the purpose of the board display? Was it effective? Why? Why not? Some of their bulletin board display doesn’t have any words because they are just using it to display the works of the students but some has. The language used in other bulletin board display was clear and simple for the target audience. Because their learners are children with exceptionalities, you can only see a few words in the bulletin board, but as what I’ve observe it’s more on the alphabet letters and numbers. Was the language used clear and simple for the target audience to understand? Why? Why not?  
Somehow, yes even though their bulletin board is so simple and plain. On my observation, the teacher used to display their art work in their bulletin board. They are displaying all the student’s work and they are not choosing the best work among the student’s work. Thus, their bulletin board reflects the interest of the student because most of the posted in the bulletin board displays the works of the students or their achievement. Did the board display design reflect the like/interests of its target audience? Why? Why not? An Evaluation Report of a Bulletin Board EPISODE 2: BULLETIN BOARDS As I imagine myself to be at the teacher’s position I would certainly mold young minds and teach them dedicatedly especially if the subject was my forte but, of course as a future elementary teacher I must be prepared to other subject and whether I like it or not I must accept it because that’s part of the job and part of a being professional. I would just change some other ways like considering the holistic development pertaining to cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Which is kind a not so visible to our observation. Examples of this are group project, giving real life situation problems and the use of fine and gross motor skills. Why? Because I believe that a good teacher does everything just to bring out the best in him and his students. computers are used to make task easier and faster. It can be used in different subject areas. the end. A bulletin board (pinboard, pin board, noticeboard, or notice board in British English) is a surface intended for the posting of public messages, for example, to advertise items wanted or for sale, announce events, or provide information.
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