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The Benefit of Mass Sectometry

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elizabeth vaughan

on 3 March 2017

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Transcript of The Benefit of Mass Sectometry

In conclusion I'm sure you will see how gas chromatography a vital part of a forensics lab. By separating it down to single chemicals we are able to identify the the alcohol level, and other components of the chemicals. It allows us to concluded so much about a piece of evidence. It kind of makes you wonder...
Why wouldn't you have one?
The Purpose of Gas Chromatography
Other tools that are used along side it
Gas Chromatography is used side by side with other forms of chromatography such as thin-layer and column

This because the typically have the same phase (mobile and stationary) and use some of the same processes.
Example of how it was used in forensics
As was stated on the previous slide gas chromatography is used in forensics to determine the state of the criminal when the crime occurred as well as the victim. By state I mean whether they were intoxicated or high when the crime occurred.
It is also used to test blood or other residue found at the crime scene (ex. fire arm residue, or thread). This helps in classifying the evidence as either class or individual.

Uses for in a forensics lab?
Gas Chromatography is used in a forensics lab to located and detect firearm residue
This is helpful considering fire arm and the detection of fire arms in a crime is a major part of forensics
In a non forensics as well as a forensic setting gas chromatography can be used in drug test and blood alcohol tests
Although it may not seem like this would be involved forensics it does. If there is a car accident the person driving the car would test for drugs/ BAC to determine there state during the accident.
The Benefit of Gas Chromatography
The main purpose of gas chromatography is to separate specific chemicals from the mixture and tell the property of each chemical (one at a time)
It is often seen in drug and alcohol tests
By: Elizabeth Vaughan
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