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The Titans Curse

No description

Guy Bailes

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Titans Curse

The Titans Curse is written
by Rick Riordan. The Titans Curse The main characters of this story are: Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace, Annabeth Chase, Zoe Nightshade, Artemis, Atlas, Bianca and Nico di Angelo. The minor characters are the hunters, Grover Underwood, Dr. Thorn and Luke Castellen. This takes place in New York. They also travel to San Francisco and Mount. Tam. When Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth go to Westover they start out bad. Meeting Dr. Thorn right away. (Dr. Thorn is not human.) Rising Action As the hunters and campers worked together they all managed to get to Mount Tamalapias. That was where the group had to face Atlas the general. In the middle of all this Artemis had been trapped. She was holding the weight of the sky. It had turned out that Annabeth was there the whole time too. She had her turn of holding the sky. As the battle raged on, Percy had volunteered to take the sky's weight. When Artemis was freed she had attacked Atlas head on. While doing this she cunningly had devised a plan. During the time Percy was holding the sky Artemis had been thrown to the ground and as Atlas had struck the ground with his javelin, Artemis had used his weapon against him like a lever and threw him back to the weight of the sky. Climax As the group had began to leave they realized that Zoe had been hurt. As everyone rushed to her side she had passed away. Falling Action Exposition Rising Action The trio get into Westover and meet up with grover to get two halfbloods and get out of there. As Percy, Bianca, and Nico almost get to the exit, Dr. Thorn cuts them off and captures them. He then takes them as the "shipment". When the three feel they have no hope here comes their friends. Attacking and losing, they all give in just as the hunters arrive. The hunters are a group of female only hunters. They hunt down monsters and find ancient things to destroy or keep as treasures. They had saved the group. They had shot Dr. Thorn, while Annabeth had jumped on him and attacked. They both had fell off the cliff edge. They talked for a while till they had found what they needed. Several hunters and campers had to work together to get to The General (Atlas). As everyone was in mourning they had asked Artemis if she could summon a car or bus to take them back to camp. It was not a bus or a car, but a sleigh. It was a sleigh that was driven by deer. As they all returned home they were greeted by many. The campers: Annabeth, Thalia, Percy, and Grover all go back to camp. The hunters go back to live in their forest ranges. Artemis goes to accompany the hunters. Apollo went back to rising in the east and falling in the west. Everything had turned back good. Except for one thing, Luke, he isn't finished yet. Resolution I think the story is quite a good one i have read the two before it. I plan to read the two after it as well. I hope this preziantation made it so you want to read the Percy Jackson series, and read books by Rick Riordan. (The background works for this book because it is like a hunt.) How I think the story was
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