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Margaret Thatcher Prezi

No description

Caleb Campbell

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Margaret Thatcher Prezi

The Amazing Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher Biography Humble Orgins
Born October 12, 1925
Daughter of a grocer Education
Attended Oxford University
Graduated Masters degree Chemistry 1947
Studied Law - became Barrister 1954 Political Involvement
Gave first political speech at age 20
Held offices at Oxford Margaret Thatcher Biography Political Career

Held several different British national offices
1959 - won seat in House of Commons
1970 - Appointed Secretary of State for Education and Science
1979 - Appointed first female Prime Minister
1979-1990 - Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher's Changes in Britain Social Policy Changes Privatized state-owned industries

Privatized state-owned utilities

Reformed trade unions

Improved education
Margaret Thatcher's Changes in Britain Economic changes Initially raised interest rates to control inflation

Later lowered interest rates

Succeeded in reducing inflation

Revived the British Economy
Margaret Thatcher's International Influence Cold War Strengthened Western Alliance against Soviets

Had close relationship with US President Reagan

Developed good rapport with Soviet leader Mikael Gorbachev

Vital link between US and Russia and halting arms race in 1980s and ending Cold War

Nicknamed "Iron Lady" by Soviet press for her strength
Margaret Thatcher's International Influence Falkland Islands Argentine Juntas invaded Falkland Islands April 1982

Diplomatic solution involving other countries failed

British military action decisively regained control of Falklands in June 1982

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by Caleb Campbell
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