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Revolutionary War Timeline

Emily Turner

Emily Turner

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Revolutionary War Timeline

Boston Massacre Battle of Saratoga Battle of Yorktown When a group of British soliders killed five innocent colonists. Treaty of Paris (French and Indian war) The treaty of Paris is what ended the 7 year war between Great Britain and the French and Indians. 1763 The Proclamation Line of 1763 This Act the British made told the Colonist to not settle West of the Appalacian Mountains. Sugar Act The Sugar Act Put tax on imported goods such as sugar, wine, coffee, and Indigo. 1764 Quartering Act This Act let British Soliders in the Colonist's house to provide them with shelter and food. 1765 Stamp Act The British needed more money and they started putting tax on legal documents, such as newspapers and printed paper. 1763 Declaratory Act The Act stated that britian can still pass laws affecting the colonies and also gave Parliament power over the colonies. 1766 Townshend Act This Act was a tax on imported products, such as glass, paper, led, ect. 1767 March 5,1770 Committees of Correspondence Tea Act This was a tax on tea that was brought into ports, especially Boston Harbor. Boston Tea Party A group called the Sons Of Liberty went to Boston Harbor dressed as Mohawk Indians and went on the British ship and dumped tea in the Boston Harbor. Coercive Acts/Intolerable Acts This Act was series of acts ment to punish the Colonist. 1st Continental Congress Some of the statesmet in Philadelphia to talk about there relationship with Britain. 2nd Continental Congress Congress met in the state house in Philadelphia. They discussed the first battle. They also Made George Washington the General for the Continental Army. Battle of Lexington and Concord (Shot heard 'round the world) This was the First Battle of the Revolutionary War. this made more colonist want to join and help defeat Britain. Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle was very brutally. This battle proved to the British that the Colonist weren't going to give up easy and they wouldn't be easy to defeat either. The British were beaten badly. The battle had encourage colonist to enlist. The British commander surrendered his sword General Cornwallis tried to flee by ship but the French navy blocked him. Cornwallis sent a drummer boy with a white flag to surrender to George Washington. This was the last battle and the Americans won. Thomas Paine's Common Sense Common sense was to encourage Colonist to revolt against Britain and get Independence. Declaration of Independence This document finally gave America its freedom. Treaty Of Paris (American Revolution) This finally recognized Americas independence. These committees met together through out the colonies to coordinate actions against the British. 1783 July 4, 1776 1765 February 14, 1776 September 28-October 19, 1781 October 17, 1777 June 17, 1775 April 19, 1775 May 10, 1775 September 5-October 6, 1774 1774 November 29, 1773 1773 1775-1777
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