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German Shepards

The history and baslines of this amazing dog

Korie Bryant

on 2 March 2011

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Transcript of German Shepards

German Shepherds Heritage Were brought into the world threw the18th and 19 centuries.
Max von stephanitz was the creator of the German shepherd. while stephanitz was in the making of this magnificant dog he was looking for a witty,highly trainable,guard dog who had a bursting personality. Personality active
pertective Fur Color,Weight,and Lifespan Fur:
black and tan are the main colors in a german shepherd.
Gold and black are frequently seen but livers,pales,blues, and washed out colors are serious faults in this breed. Weight:
62 to 85 pounds Lifespan:
10 to 15 years Diseases Hip and elbow dysplasia
spinal disorders
ear infections
canine epilepsy

Typical Housing and Careing. Backyard activity is highly suggested. Daily walks and contact is also suggested with this
dog as to its hyperness. Why I love German Shepherds I love German shepherds becuase there such inteligent beautiful dogs that have a hyper personality that fits with me. They're great family pets and used everywere in the world today and 100 years ago.
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