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Gerda Weissmann

No description

Gerardo Sanchez

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Gerda Weissmann

20 pounds of clothing
After this notice Gerda became very scared and sad. She had thoughts of committing suicide but her father made her promise that no matter what happened she would never see suicide as a solution to her problems
Two days before Christmas, Gerda and her family were forced by a german policeman to move to their basement. During this time a great friend of Gerda's family named Niana would bring them goods because Jews weren't allowed to buy.
Gerda Weissmann
Gerda Weissmann
Gerda Weissmann

Gerda Weissmann was born on May 8, 1924 in Beilsko, Poland. She lived with her parents Julius and Helene Weissmann and her brother Arthur.
It was not long after when the war began that all Jews had been forced to register with the police,and also Gerda and her family had to turn in all gold, automobiles, bicycles, radios, and even fountain pens.
Had to give up belongings
One day, late in november Gerda and her parents got a letter ordering all Jews to report to an armory on Hermann Goering Strasse. Each person was allowed 20 pounds of clothing and had to leave valuable objects,money,ect. at home. Violators of this order would be punished by death.
The Basement
By: Andrew Inda, Emily Gomez, Caylee Hevle, and Gerardo Sanchez

Her brother Arthur who
had been working in a chemical laboratory in Russia
and periodly sent them money. Gerda also worked
very hard with her dad on her studies and a while later
they were in need of money so her mother and her started doing needle work in
exchange for food or money.
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