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The Do's and Don'ts of WORK ETHIC

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imani kinealy

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of The Do's and Don'ts of WORK ETHIC

The Pro's and Con's of WORK ETHIC
Using your planner is very useful. Even if it seems dumb.
Using your planner helps you remember what you have to do. Even if you don't think you will look at it, it will still help make your assignments stick in your head.
Time Management
Set a schedule time for homework.
Don't procrastinate!!
Fun comes after work! Even if everyone else is doing different!
Paying Attention
It's actually more important than some people think.
It helps you. Even if the people around you know it already and want to talk, if you don't know it you need to pay attention.
It's not as scary as it seems.
Take it one day at a time.
Use the resources provided for you.
Don't be afraid to ask your teachers for help.
The Stress Of Starting High School
Good Study Habits
Always take good notes
Review your notes every night
Don't skip class. When you skip you could be missing important information that you need for tests or projects
Your study habits follow you!
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