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Informative Speech: Ouija Boards

No description

Olivia Dudgeon

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Informative Speech: Ouija Boards

Who comes through the Ouija Board?
There are many "famous spirits that are contacted through the board. Many have reported that a spirit named ZOZO has came through to them while playing. There can be positive spirit encounters but most are negative just like this one. People who have reported their ZOZO encounter say that "he" curses, accuses, and threatens who ever happens to be playing. This spirit seems to be demonic and wants to harm/hurt whoever is playing.
What are outcomes of playing?
Many things can happen to you after you play an Ouija board. Most outcomes are bad but they can only be bad if you encounter a negative spirit.

If a negative spirit takes a certain liking to you during the game, then it'll attach itself to you and bad things will most likely follow. For example, you may find scratches or bruises on your body.

They can also attach themselves to objects too. For example, they can attach to dolls, other toys, or even your house. Then the spirit does certain things to scare you then feeds off your energy you're producing.
Spirits or Demons?
Nobody can be exactly 100% sure on who they are talking to on an ouija board, but most of the time it's either a spirit, or it can sometimes be something demonic. (Which is something that has never been alive or walked on this earth.

Both of these things are dangerous and can lead to good, mostly bad consequences.

"History of The Talking Board"
was documented to be first seen in February 1891.
First advertisements of the talking board occurred in newspapers.
The game was first described as a magical device that could talk to the dead.
It answered questions about the past, present, and future with spectacular accuracy.
Most thought it was harmless, some thought of it as a hoax, but to their surprise it unleashed a channel with the unknown.
What do they look like?
On the talking board there are all 26 letters of the alphabet so whatever they're talking to could spell out the answers to their questions.
The board also has the numbers 0-9 printed on it and the words "yes" "no" and "goodbye".
The word goodbye plays a very important role in this game.
While playing the game, you are strongly advised to follow all the rules. First rule, don't play by yourself, you could easily get possessed this way. Second, never play in a graveyard, and third always say goodbye. This closes the channel/connection making the spirit detach.
What is it's purpose?
The main purpose of the Ouija board is to communicate to the unknown.
Other reasons people might use them may be to try and contact a loved one who has recently passed.
Lastly they use it for fun.

Now I know what you're thinking, how is it fun? People who play for fun usually don't know the dangers that could happen.

Out of all of the things I've showed you, its your turn to determine whether you think Ouija boards are real or just a hoax. Many people aren't exactly sure how they feel about the matter and some are scared to know for sure. I guess my opinion is people determine beliefs off of experience, so people who've played the board have stronger beliefs toward it. I'm not telling you to run out and play a Ouija board or anything, but from someone who has played it, I can say I definitely think you're talking to someone, I just can't decide what it is.
Informative Speech: Ouija Boards
By: Olivia Dudgeon
"this spirit is so famous they made a movie about him"
Does the presence of an Ouija board haunt your home?
Using an Ouija board in your home doesn't exactly "haunt" your house, but in some cases, it might. Your best option would probably be to play outside so then the spirit wont have anything to connect too. If you do decide to play in your home, make sure you follow all the rules. Then your house has a less of a chance to become possessed.
After watching a scary movie, have you ever felt like a demon has attached to your soul?

It probably did.
Many people feel scared that a ghost is following them after something scary happens. I'm here to present to you information on Ouija boards, and experiencing paranormal occurrences. In the next 4 minutes, I'll be showing you many different facts and events that have happened to people while playing Ouija boards or other spiritual devices.
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