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5.04 Modern Science Assessment

No description

Kiara Roberson

on 31 May 2014

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Transcript of 5.04 Modern Science Assessment

The Radio
The Polio Vaccine.
I believe the Polio Vaccine is most important out of the 3 inventions. Without the vaccine a lot of people would be affected by this disease. Next, I believe the automobile is important. Without the automobile, we wouldn't have a quicker and easier way to travel to different places. Lastly, I believe the television is least important out of the 3 inventions. Without the television, we wouldn't have a massive communication or entertainment device.
Henry Ford discovered the assembly line production line. With this invention, traveling became more efficient. Engine powered automobiles changed cities in the 20th century.
5.04 Modern Science: Assessment
The radio became one of the primary sources of entertainment and communication. There are many inventors credited towards this invention.
The Polio Disease was one of the greatest threats towards children in America. Jonas Salk is who we have to thank for this vaccination. The Polio Disease is almost nonexistent.
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