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Technology During the Age of exploration

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Kendall Jones

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Technology During the Age of exploration

Why was technology so important?
Technology helped the Age of Exploration Flourish.
These tools helped explorers travel across the world, leading to many new discoveries that are significant in today's history.
Explorers would not have been able to make these discoveries without these technological innovations.
The Galleon
This ship became popular during the 1600's.
Known for its ability to change under different circumstances
For example, if you were to be in a war, this ship could easily convert into a warship.
Can be used for trading and fishing
Had many ribs & bracings which helped them withstand gunfire
The Astrolobe
Tool used to measure angle & altitude
The first use of an astrolobe at sea was recorded to be in 1481.
It helped sailors measure the angle of the sun which could then be converted to find latitude.
Magnetic Compass
A tool that helped explorers determine latitude
A piece of wood with a Polaris at the top
Let explorers know if they were headed in the right direction
Latitude could help explorers get an accurate estimate of where exactly they were.
The Caravel
A ship that had several different uses including: cargo ships, warships, patrol boats, dispatch boats, pirate ships.
Ranged from 50-200 tons!
Known for their peed and maneuverability
Its main use was to explore across the vast, open sea.
Technology During the Age of exploration

By: Kendall Jones
The Traverse Board
This tool helped explorers at sea stay on track.
Basically, the traverse board was an early version of a computer.
Used to help explorers record their ship
Used to find out the direction the ship was traveling for the past 30 minutes
The Cross Staff
This tool is similar to the Ka-Mal.
Located on the staff was a scale, which helped explorers read the angular altitude (degrees), which then converted into latitude
This tool was important because it helped sailors & explorers navigate their way to their destinations.
The Lead Line
This tool helped sailors measure the depth of the ocean water.
It could also be used to get a sample of the ocean floor.
This helped explorers define what kind of ocean they were sailing over.
If they did not have lead lines, sailors would most likely hit objects such as rocks, lands, and reefs.
A compass that had a magnetized needle supporting a magnetic card
It was able to display 4-8 directions at once!
Showed explorers what direction they were headed, which is a crucial part of exploring new areas
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