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PadHunt for Jason Calacanis

No description

Daniel McCarthy

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of PadHunt for Jason Calacanis

And have real people hunt it down for you
Put a bounty on a pad...
Honest Property Reviews
by real people who aren't trying to trick you into a lease/mortgage!

Think of it like Task Rabbit meets Zillow, meets Houzz... with an Uber-esque operations model
How does it work?
Put a "Bounty" on the pad!
Another paid Pad Hunt model could be a bidding system...

User puts a Bounty out for $0.99, but no takers. Open house is getting closer, so they can increase their bid to $5.99... $10... etc.

This could get tricky if we allow normal users to accept bid bounties, because of quality control/expectations etc. But with more time, it could definitely be worked out.
The real focus and featured content will be the pro reviews, from actual writers/Pro Pad Hunters. But it's also important to encourage, highlight and reward user participation.

Nobody with a brain has ever said
"We have too much data..."
Because nobody has time to waste on shitty pads...

This was a really cool idea, Jason. I'm still working on design mockups and also some sample reviews. Will update the prezi as I go, and will shoot you a tweet when I get them in here.

Even if you don't pick PadHunt, this was really fun! I like the whole "HURRY, make a startup in 24 hours to win an angel" idea :)

Daniel McCarthy
Property ads suck!
But when you go to the open house: Appliances aren't included, there’s a hole in the roof, and there's a family of rats checking ID's at the door.

Oh, and that “Restoration Hardware look!!!” from the ad, really meant: “look… all the hardware needs restoration."
Everything sounds great on paper.
House hunting is incredibly time consuming and stressful... And what if you're totally relocating? AHHHHH!
You're too busy to waste time being tricked into visiting bad pads!
So how can we tell which ones to skip and which ones are worth the trip?
Get the real, honest scoop from a Pad Hunter !!!
So you found some pads that look cool. But you either can't physically go to the open house, or you just don't have the time to waste going to every one you're interested in...
Similar to Uber's operation model, Pad Hunters in the area get notified that a new Bounty has been placed, and can then choose to accept it and go on a Pad Hunt!
Different Types of Pad Hunters
2 types of Pad Hunters:
Regular Users: Fellow property hunters, or just people who like to check out houses and apartments.
Pro Pad Hunters: On-call PadHunt staffers/partners. Think like an Uber driver. Trained and paid by PadHunt for PROFESSIONAL PadHunt reviews with photo & video.

Normal and Pro reviews will be VERY EASILY distinguishable to the users checking out PadHunt reviews.
There is no limit on how many people can accept a Pad Bounty... The more reviews & opinions the better!
Different Types of Bounties
Free Bounties: No charge, and other users can go hunt the pads and help each other
Paid Bounties: Staffed Pro Pad Hunter will do a professional Pad Hunt review.
$3.99 for
a single
Pro Bounty Token
for 5
Pro Bounty Token
for 10
Pro Bounty Tokens
for 20
Pro Bounty
Premium fee for a full custom video tour.

Premium "Private Pad Hunt" options:
If you think this could be the one... pay an additional $9.99 for exclusive screening of the Pad Hunt before it gets published to the site publically.
If it IS the one after review... You can pay an even higher premium to never let it go public (For when the user is willing to pay a major premium to keep competition away from their dream house).
But won't listing agents just come in and review their own listings?
Of course they will try. But A) the focus will be on Pro Pad Reviews. And B) with some basic algorithms and strategic maneuvers, this can be weeded out for the most part:

User Bounty collection could require an account authenticated with Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. When users start to see that "Jane Doe" was the same person handing out cookies and brochures at the open house, the users can call B.S.

We can also get listing data from the Zillow API, and run some simple crosschecks on the Reviewers name, against the listing agent from the API data. If the names match, it goes into a holding queue to see if there is a sneaky agent that needs to be busted!
Also, PadHunt is not JUST reviews...
There is going to be a LOT of media (pics & vids), and not all the pads are going to suck!

Houzz is great. But let’s face it, most of us aren’t rich enough to replicate those designs and layouts. PadHunt will also have a “Best Of” media section from all past Pad Hunts.

Real design inspiration, for real people, from every day houses.
PadHunt will also be a platform for REAL WORLD design inspiration!
There is also an Entertainment factor here that can be explored.
With good writers on staff, we can have a "Sad Pads" section. Without bounties, we find the listings that look like they will have the most drastic difference between listing description and actual condition. Deploy the writers, and come up with hilariously evil commentary, and just rip those listings to pieces :)

This might even have a positive effect on the state of the market... If it gets popular enough, agents might think twice before posting that horribly deceitful description... "Hmm... I really don't want to be called out in the next Sad Pads blog. Maybe I won't write this listing like a slimy little weasel"
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