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Meghan Gaudet

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

10 Things About Me By: Meghan Gaudet My Interest Favorite Color Favorite Food My Friends Water Sports Music Soccer Dance Who I live with What we do.. Everyone else... My Family I live with my younger sister named Rachael. She is 9 years old and is in grade 5. I also live with my mom and my dad whose names are Bryan and Krista. The last family member i live with is my cat, Rio. In Cranbrook both sets of my grandparents live
here. My aunts and uncles live all of the country.
Kamloops, Moncton, Vancouver and Kitimat. I also
have a great aunt and great grandparents that i call
Nonno and Nonna. Our family is into sports. Whether it's winter,
summer, water, or land we will try anything.
My family is also really funny. I am a dancer. I do Jazz and tap. When ever i hear
music i get an urge to dance. I am very musical. I love singing, listening to music and
playing my saxophone in band class. I love soccer. I love being able to run around on the field
and scoring goals. I enjoy soccer because of the great team
I have. In the summer my family is always in the water.
Whether it is just swimming or being pulled behind
a boat. I knee board, surf, and weight board. My favorite color is purple. It doesn't matter if it's dark purple or light. Any kind is perfect. My favorite food is macaroni casserole that my mom
makes in the winter. If i didn't have my friends, i wouldn't know who
i would be now. I love every single one of them and i wouldn't be afraid to trust them all with my life!:) More About Me..
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