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Heinz Ketchup Advertisement Evolution 19th century to 21st c

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jaume valeri fandos

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Heinz Ketchup Advertisement Evolution 19th century to 21st c

Heinz Ketchup Advertisement Evolution 19th century to 21st century
Introduction and Aims
Heinz Ketchup is a classic American icon that has been a part of families' lives for more than 130 years.

We’ve made a comparison between three ads produced in different historical context and for
different media (poster and two TVs ads) to see how Heinz has portrayed the product in
different ways.

Sample identification and justification

Why have we chosen Heinz Ketchup?

We thought that it was a good product to analyze as they have experiences a bug evolution
during the last 144 years.

Heinz Vintage Poster– 1934


The spot shows us a man from the middle­high class having lunch/ dinner at home and
putting some ketchup on his enormous steak.

Target People:

Ketchup Heinz is a product for typical American people/families however in this century their
main consumer was from a social middle­high class.

Heinz Vintage TV Ad ­ 1960’s

The ad show us that Heinz ketchup make people happy because it’s really good and there isn’t any sauce like it. We can see boys and girls having fun eating some chips, hot dogs and other dishes with Heinz ketchup.

Target people:

We can see the evolution between this ad and the poster from 1934. The target changed. Heinz ketchup it isn’t now only for the middle/high class, but starts to target every social class and above all young people.

To understand it, we have to know that in this decade the people’s income increase and more people can buy it.

Heinz TV Super Bowl-2013

The spot highlights the belief that when someone picks up a bottle of Heinz Ketchup, they're triggering all the happy memories they've experienced over the years where Heinz was

Target people:

The ad is for the American people. It is logical that they do it for them, as Ketchup is a basic
product for 97% of the American families. They need to maintain their consumer loyalty.
Heinz ketchup was born 130 years ago. Along decades this product’s communication has evolved following the evolution of American society.

As we can see in these three examples the company’s target has not be the same in terms of social class, level of incomes and ages.
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