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Bird Species

Trying out Prezi.

Claire Thomas

on 7 April 2010

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Transcript of Bird Species

Double click anywhere & add an idea Bird Species The Black-capped Chickadee Chickadees Boreal Chickadee Hawks Broad-winged Hawk Red-shouldered Hawk Red-tailed Hawk Wrens Bewick's Wren Canyon Wren Cactus Wren Carolina Wren Tengmalm’s Owl, also known as a Boreal Owl Owls African Scops Owl Northern White- Faced Owl Know your Chickadee A bird almost universally considered “cute” thanks to its oversized round head, tiny body, and curiosity about everything, including humans. The chickadee’s black cap and bib; white cheeks; gray back, wings, and tail; and whitish underside with buffy sides are distinctive. Its habit of investigating people and everything else in its home territory, and quickness to discover bird feeders, make it one of the first birds most people learn.

( Chickadee information from http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-capped_Chickadee/id ) Watch this short documentry to learn more about the Black-Capped Chickadee. I do not own this video. It's produced by James Knott. The video was uploaded onto Youtube by AgileHProductions. Identifying Washington State Bird Species by their Songs.
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