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Examine the Global Patterns and Trends in the production and consumption of oil

This presentation will examine some of the trends and patterns in the oil production and consumption.

Pernille Laursen

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Examine the Global Patterns and Trends in the production and consumption of oil

Examine the Global Pattern and Trends
in oil production and consumption Pattern and trends in production Pattern and trends
in consumption The largest increase in oil barrels per day has been in the Asia-Pacific region which now accounts for 30.1% of consumption of oil. In 2008, the Middle east accounted for 31.9% of the production of oil, Europe and Eurasia following by 21.7%, North American with 15.8% and Africa with 12.4% From less than 60 million barrels of oil a day
globally in the early 1980's, demand rose steeply
to 84.5 million barrels of oil a day This is where we are right now This particular graph shows the predicted oil production all the way till 2080. The basic shape is that by 2020, due to some circumstance, the oil prodcution will decrease. Aviation fuel is a major product of the oil industry Oil remains the world's dominant fuel The world's oil share has fallen from 38.7% to 34.8% over the past decade Proved oil reserves are places where you in the future will be able to dig up oil when the current oil places are unable to provide oil. In 2008, the Middle East had the almost 60% of the global proved reserves:
Saudi Arabia: 21%
Iran: 10.9%
Iraq: 9.1%
Kuwait: 8.1%
UAE: 7.8% Contribtion of oil is about 30% from everywhere. 50% of consumed by the middle east The US government's Energy Information Agency has predicted that oil demand will rise with about 54% in the first 250 years of the 21st century. This is important to realize because it shows why there is such a large demand on it These are two examples of
large oil production companies India has a very large population and it is therefore expected that their oil consumption would increase rapidly, which it did according to previous graph which showed the growth in oil consumption in India Here we can see that this is the start of the increase which continued all the way till 2008, and will probably continue into the future at the same rate In conclusion to this, we can see that there are different opinions on the prediction for oil, but we can clearly see that the production will have to increase as the earth's population increases, in order to support the growing demand.
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