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Natural Hazards: Tornadoes

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Emily Rivera

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Natural Hazards: Tornadoes

Natural Hazards: Tornadoes
In what regions do tornadoes typically occur?

The vast majority of tornadoes occur east of the Rocky Mountains in the deep South and a region we call "Tornado Alley", which is located in the Great Plains. However, no state is immune. Every region in the U.S. has the potential to see a tornado, and everyone should be prepared.
What conditions need to be present for a tornado?

Tornadoes form in thunderstorms along an unstable line seperating air of different densities. Warm, moist air before eastward cold fronts frequently creates violent tornado producing storms
How dangerous or damaging are they typically for humans?
Their wind power varies, but some develop winds that reach more than 300mph. This kind of wind force can tear the roof off a house, flip a car or crush a mobile home and cost towns millions of dollars in damage. Many lives can also be lost when a tornado travels through a community.
How have humans adapted to tornadoes in various regions around the world?

People who live in "Tornado Alley", are aware that tornadoes pose a potential danger for them. Building codes in these areas require that new buildings have strong roofs and foundations that are tethered to the structure.
Many people have storm cellars, underground shelters that protect people from a tornado. Many areas have neighborhood tornado sirens that warn people of imminent tornadoes.
What are the main impact tornadoes have on the environment?

They can destroy buildings, bridges and anything in the tornadoes path.

* death
* Flooding
* hail damage
* wind damage (can reach 140mph)
* fire
Historical Tornado
The Carolina Tornado Outbreak
The afternoon and evening of March 28, 1984 saw 22 tornadoes touch down over South and North Carolina.
There were 57 people killed and 1,248 injured, a third of the deaths occurred in mobile homes.
The damage reached $200 million.
How did these damages get repaired?
The federal government declared 18 counties and gave them financial help.
How have humans living there prepared themselves for another similar event in the future?
Be aware of the temperature and storm warnings.
Date accessed: 9/11/13
Emily Rivera

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