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on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Marta Chavero
Carol Vitales
Andrea Gómez What is Planned Obsolescence? Index Planned obsolescence is the decision on the part of a manufacturer to produce a consumer product that will become obsolete and/or non-functional in a defined time frame. TYPES OF OBSOLESCENCE Functional Obsolescence What is the Planned Obsolescence?
Types of Obsolescence
Functional Obsolescence
Style Obsolescence
Notification Obsolescence
Postponement Obsolescence
Examples of Planned Obsolescence
Light Bulb Conspiracy
Printer Particular items may become functionally obsolete when they do not function in the manner that they did when they were created. Style Obsolescence Marketing may be driven primarily by aesthetic design. Product categories in this case display a fashion cycle. Notification obsolescence Some companies have developed a version of obsolescence in which the product informs the user when it is time to buy a replacement. Postponement obsolescence Postponement obsolescence refers to a situation where technological improvements are not introduced to a product, even though they could be. Examples of Planned Obsolescence LIGHT BULB CONSPIRACY PRINTER
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