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Our Launcher

What the Fallen Oceanists did for the hollow sphere launcher project.

Evan Kwong

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Our Launcher

What is the best way to launch a hollow sphere? Our First Ideas A New Beginning Our Journey Everything started with a question. What materials? What type of launcher is best? Which launcher has the most power? What is the fastest way? a trebuchet? a crossbow? a catapult? a slingshot? We decided to do a variation of a catapult. Let's just say it worked out almost as well as the Titanic! After our first disaster, we decided to approach this with a new method. We decided to make a slingshot. It worked amazingly, and it only took us 15 minutes! It looked a little like this: simple yet effective! It shot across the room -
we were thrilled! We started modifying it and - everything went kablooey! Our launcher started hitting the the poles and flew off in every direction but straight! Judging time! After our launcher got messed up, it was time for some major modifying! We stripped down our launcher to just a base, two poles and the elastic band! After those modifications - it worked! Well, at least until we got inside, then it got messed up again! Even though our launcher didn't go as far as it could've, it was still a super fun project and we would love to do it again!
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