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Elena Buharova

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of RUSSIA

Vladimir Putin

4th March 2012
Prime Minister
Dmitry Medvedev

8th May 2012

Centralization of Power
Political Stability
high involvement of government
inefficient legal system
potential for terrorist attacks
1. Political Criteria
2. Domestic Economy
3. Foreign Economy
4. Conclusion

Political Criteria
Domestic Economy
Development of GDP
Political Risk Analysis: Russia
Inflation Rate
September 2013: 6,1%
1992: 2333,3%

142, 6 Mio.
Falling death rate
Increasing migration
2050: 107
Investment rate: 2,5%
Weak infrastructure
Sectoral Shares of GDP
Foreign Economy
1 ruble = 0.022777 euro
1 euro = 43.90 rubles
External Debt
External debt to GDP
World Bank’s and IMF’s attitudes

High dependence on oil and gas exports

Non-competitive sectors and markets

Weakness in domestic demand -> investment and consumption decrease

Sluggish external demand

Growth in key non-tradable sectors slowed

Economic model has exhausted itself

Future growth will be constrained by negative demographic trends

The Russian economy grows on rising oil prices and by using up spare capacity

Weak external environment (acceleration of capital outflows, declining equity prices and investment)

of Law and Legal Decisions
1. The decision of the Constitutional Court is final and may not be appealed.

2. The decision of the Constitutional Court passed on the outcome of the consideration of a case assigned for hearing in the session of the Constitutional Court shall come into force immediately upon pronouncement.

3. The decision of the Constitutional Court shall be directly applicable and shall require no affirmation by other bodies and officials

Deviations from International Principles of Law
Not many, but some conflicts with foreign countries

Example: conflicts with Georgian Foreign Ministry

Annual growth rate from -11,20% to 12,10%
Current amount $2014.80 billion USD
Lowest was $195.90 billion USD
Represents 3,25% of the world’s economy
Ranks 8th for country with largest GDP

GDP per Capita
5th place in the ranking for world’s largest economies by GDP from PPP
GDP per Capita: $14.037
Lowest in 1999: $1.339

GDP Product Share
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods: 6285.6 Billion Rubles
Manufacturing: 8091.7 Billion Rubles
Real Estate, renting and business activities: 6285.6 Billion Rubles

Thank You!
International Monetary Fund
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