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Running Start: College for YOU

If you are a High School Junior or Senior in Washington State you may be eligible to take college courses tuition free.


on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Running Start: College for YOU

Running Start is college for high school juniors and seniors Are you ready for a challenge? Do you want access to a wide variety of classes? Are you ready to take classes with a diverse student body? Are you ready for college-level work? If you answered YES to all of these questions then Running Start is right for you! Do you want to save money on college? Do you want to earn college credit now? You can earn college AND high school credit at the same time with little to no tuition cost! The best part... Edmonds Community College This could be you! Why Edmonds CC? Here's what some Running Start students had to say... "It has an excellent computer science department, and an excellent music department with a focus on jazz." Horea Oprean, Associate of science "Running Start was a great opportunity for me to finish high school and my AA at the same time so I decided to do it." Selma Tanjo, Associate in Pre-Nursing "I thought that Running Start was a good idea to start earning college credits (for very cheap) that will transfer to a four-year university when I graduate from high school." Alex Pearson, Associate of Science "I know people who go here and they told me it was a good place to go. After going here, I met new friends and that made me want to stay." Shanti dela Pena, Associate of Arts The decision to start college early is a BIG ONE! Talk to your parents and high school counselor Once you know for sure follow these steps: 1 Apply Get the Application from your high school. Fill it out, turn it in to Enrollment Services, and pay the $30 application fee (subject to change). 2 Take the Assessment Test Go to the testing center at Edmond CC to take the Accuplacer. 3 Wait for the results in the mail We'll let you know your test results by snail mail within a week. Your English placement will determine your eligibility for Running Start. 4 Do the Online Orientation and Student/Parent Agreement Go to www.edcc.edu/runningstart for the orientation video, test, and agreement. 5 Meet with your high school counselor Review your test results, eligiblity letter, and complete the "Running Start Enrollment Verification Form." 6 Begin Registration Bring your test results, the completed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form, the completed orientation test, and the completed Student/Parent Agreement to the Running Start office. You can be like them: A college student! ... But also a high school student If getting a RUNNING START on college sounds good to you, don't hesitate to contact our office at Edmonds CC. We're here to help! 425.640.1761
runningstart@email.edcc.edu Contact us @ Find more info at www.edcc.edu/runningstart Where's a good place to do Running Start? at.. High school juniors and seniors can get a RUNNING START on College with little to no tuition cost! Recap! Once you decide to do Running Start, the 1st step is go to your high school, ask for the Edmonds Community College Running Start Application and follow the directions on the form. Recap! This could be you! Please help us improve this presentation! Fill out this quick survey below “College for YOU” Survey http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/S6FBYWL “I want to get going with my life as soon as possible.” Cole Holland, Digital Music Want to learn more about what Edmonds CC has to offer? Check out our YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/edccvideos
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