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Natural Energy and Material Resources

A 6th grade science lesson covering;California Content Standard 6b

Ramsey Habib

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Natural Energy and Material Resources

Natural Energy and Material Resources
Renewable Vs. Non Renewable Resources
When Renewable Resources Become Nonrenewable
Renewable resources: are infinite and capable of being replaced althought they can become nonrenewable because of human and natural forces.Nonrenewable resources: Cannot be reproduced therefore they are nonrenewable
Important things to remember....
Lets take it one step further...
Food for thought...
Your task is to right a brief story about how we can use more renewable energy to make our planet a better place....
Lets Here What You Came Up With!!
A sixth grade science lesson by Ramsey Habib
Any natural substance that humans use can be considered a natural resource. Some of these resources are converted into energy and can be classified as renewable or nonrenewable.
92% of the energy we use on this planet is nonrenewable
Natural resources can include air, soil, rocks, minerals, petroleum, fresh water, wildlife, and forests
Lets do an activity
What Makes it Go....
Renewable Resources
Renewable resources are those natural resources such as trees, water, sun and wind that can be replenished at about the same rate at which they are used.
Renewable resources, however, can be depleted if not properly managed or conserved. This makes these renewable resources nonrenewable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nonrenewable Resources
Natural and Material Resources
Such things as fossil fuels (oil, coal, gas) and minerals cannot be reproduced and therefore can be used up.* These are called non-renewable resources.
Fresh water from the Earth's recycling processFresh air from the oxygen produced by plants and treesPlants and wildlife (including us) can repriduce by themselves
How renewable materials replenish themselves
What are some ways renuable resources can reproduce themselves? (Pair Share)
Fresh water - When fresh groundwater gets used up and no rain falls, sometimes for years. (More then 3/4ths of underground water is non-renewable, as replenishing it would take centuries or more - Ecological Society of America). When chemical spills are so toxic that the water and surrounding soils are polluted for a lifetime (human lifetime). And think about population growth - as some 30-70 million people are being added to our planet every year who will have water needs.
Trees - When a forest of trees is clearcut, it can change the soil and the climate of the ecosystem so new trees cannot grow, plants die, and animals lose their habitat and die or leave the area. A natural forest has a variety of trees, plants, and lifeforms. A natural forest creates climate. These ecosystems evolved over a very, very long period of time and through many geologic and climatic changes.
Oxygen/Clean Air - When forests and plants (on land and in our ocean waters) are destroyed or die from acid rain and pollution, they can no longer absorb carbon dioxide from the air, nor release oxygen into the atmosphere. When rivers are polluted by chemicals and erosion, oxygen is depleted from the water and living things die.
Land/Soil - When land is overgrazed or the nutrients in the soil used up from improper farming practices, the soil cannot renew itself and plants and crops cannot grow. Crop rotation is one way to help maintain soil fertility. When natural vegetation is removed from land to clear it for construction projects, mining operations or farmland, the plants and trees are no longer there to absorb rainwater and protect the soil from wind.
Plants and Animals - When plant and animal species become extinct.
Humans need to think of "renewable" as replenishable only in the right circumstances and within the laws of the balance of nature.....Not"Oh well, it's renewable so we can use as much as we want" Or"It won't matter what we do with our toxic waste, just so we get rid of it"Or"We can't convert our old factories toxic burning methods -it's too expensive."
Go home tonight and think of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint...
Write to to three sentences explaining what you think the difference is between renewable and non-renewable resources.
The text in these next slides would not be in the final presentation instead it will be discussed verbally"
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