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Jason Zhao

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of Summary

Book Talk: Dolphin Music
Saul Grant: Writer and music critic.
Caroline Fry:Musician, Saul's girlfriend.
Ruth Hunter:Member of PACE.
Sue Hunter: Ruth's granddaughter, also a member of PACE.
Captain Mars: head of BEATCON special officer.
The Controller: head of Control, ruling government of Europe.
Peter--- The brother of the controller. Member of PACE.

Organizations in this book
Control--- Try to keep everyone happy in a virtual reality by using the power of web.
PACE( People against Control in Europe ).---Try to destroy Control and let people know the truth of Control
BEATCON( The British and European Anti-Terrorist Control Organism)--- Want to catch Saul and some other members of PACE.
What I find interesting of this book
Book cover
---Antoinette Moses.
---Teaches Creative Writing and Literature at the University of East Anglia.
--- Has published several short works of fiction for Cambridge University Press
Picture of the author

Action( A little bit)
Romance( A little bit)

Thanks for listening
The year is 2015, control, the government of Europe, keeps everyone happy in a virtual reality. This is a world where it is too hot to go out, and where wonderful music made by dolphins gives everyone pleasure. It's a world which is changed forever when music critic Saul Grant discovers what makes the dolphins sing and sets out to free them.
Settings & Background of this book
---Takes place in a totalitarian state, Control Europe.
---Happens in the near future,2051.
---The weather is very hot
---People all stay at home and stay in contact by using the web
---Dolphins can sing beautiful music, but only when they are going to die.
Who I would recommend this book to
The people who like the genre
The people who like new inventions
People who like interesting and unique plot
The people who like music
Something we need to know
Why I like this book
Music rooms--- Dolphins are locked in this room. People use electric shocks to make the dolphins feel painful.
Tunnel--- When a lot of people stay at home, some people must work very very hard . Those are people who considered to be terrorists or disobey the rule of control.
I like the book with a lot of new inventions in it. (Such as jetcars, jetbikes)
I like those characters who have superpower to move several huge tanks in 1 hour.
I like books with happy endings.
I like the book happen in the future.
I admire the bravery of the characters.

In order to save the dolphins, the characters have to move the tanks with water and dolphins inside.
& They just finish moving the tanks in 1 hour.( Without any tool)
Question about this book
Why is the Controller's brother a terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!
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