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Logical Fallacies: How I Met Your Mother

No description

Jesse Weiss

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies: How I Met Your Mother

Logical Fallacies: How I Met Your Mother
Slippery Slope
Genetic Fallacy
Genetic fallacy is when someone assumes something about someone else because of their origins.
Red Herring
A Red Herring is a diversion tactic that is used when someone avoids key issues, for example, in this scene, ted avoids the fact that he just embarrassed himself by just stating that clubs suck in general.
Hasty Generalization
A hasty generalization is when someone jumps to a conclusion with biased or inconclusive evidence.
Jesse Weiss
Slippery Slope is when someone concludes that if A happens than so will B and C. In this scene, Barney concludes that if gay people are getting married, then soon everyone will be.
In this scene, Barney assumes that because his brother was raised the same way he was, that they have the same view on marriage.
In this scene, Barney thinks his mom and dad are getting back together because they kissed on the cheek.
Circular Argument
A circular argument is when someone restates the arguement rather than proving it.
In this scene, Barney says the Canadian citizenship test is easy because it's Canada.
Ad Populum
Ad Populum is using an emotional appeal that speaks to positive or negative concepts rather than the real issue. In this scene 'Honey' says that its okay that she gave her social security number to a guy because he's a 'Nigerian prince.'
Avoiding the Issue
Avoiding the Issue is when someone completely avoids the argument or changes the topic.
In this clip, Barney avoids an argument by simply walking out.
Burden of Proof
Burden of Proof is when someone puts the blame on someone else. In this scene, Ted goes back from person to person until he finds out whos fault it is that he missed his flight.
Diversion is when someone changes the subject to distract from the argument.
In this scene, Barney launches into a fake history lesson to distract Ted.
Appeal to Emotions
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When someone appeals to emotions instead of logic in an argument.
Robin appeals to Teds emotions by explaning that dogs and random clutter are very different to get rid of.
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