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Comparing Proportions

No description

Mr Mattock

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of Comparing Proportions

Comparing Proportions
Place the following in order:

60% 0.62 65%
James scores 67 out of 80 on a test. Josh scores 76%. Who did better?
L.O. - Compare proportions to see which is higher or lower.
James scores 67 out of 80 on a test. Josh scores 76%. Who did better?
67/80 = 83.75% so James does better.

1) Frances sells 135 out of her 200 raffle tickets. Brian sells 60 out of 90. Who sells the greater proportion?

2) Mollie has 85% of her homework complete. Phil has 7 out of 9 pieces done. Who is closest to completing their homework?

3) Tom spends £450 of his £2000 salary on rent. Jill spends 25% of her salary on rent. Who spends the greater proportion on rent?

4) Pete is on a diet. He starts weighing 90 kg and loses 3 kg. Jane is also on a diet. She starts weighing 70 kg and loses 2 kg. Who loses the greater proportion?

5) Which of the two square
grids has the greater
proportion shaded?
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