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The Impossible Made Possible

No description

Yustina Salama

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of The Impossible Made Possible

The Impossible Made POSSIBLE.... St. Mark's Cleveland presents... . "A distinguished and prominent religious leader, a profound theologian, a gifted preacher, a talented author, a spiritual father, a man of God his entire life..." Born Nazeer Gayed on August 3, 1923.
By the age of 16, H.H was active in the Sunday School movement.
Graduated from Cairo University.
Worked as a high school English and History teacher by day, student at the Coptic Theological Seminary by night.
1949 - He graduated from the Seminary.
July 18th, 1954 -
He became a monk.
Lived in a cave that he had carved out himself for a period of six years.
September 30, 1962 -
He was consecrated a Bishop of Christian education and President of the Coptic Orthodox Seminary. Through the leadership of the seminary, the number of students TRIPLED.... November 14, 1971
His Holiness, Pope Shenouda III, was enthroned as the 117th Pope of Alexandria.
He became the 1st patriarch of Alexandria
since the 5th century to have been
Dean of Theological Seminary,
lecturing over 7,000 people... 1962
He is the author of 140 books on a variety of subjects, which have been translated into multiple languages
Became the editor in chief for El-Keraza magazine. The Beholder of God
Mark The Evangelist
Saint And Martyr

By: H.H Pope Shenouda III "A church without youth is a church without a future." He spent 3 days a week in the monastery, ordaining hundreds of monks and nuns.
Since 1971, he ordained more than 100 bishops and more than 1,000 priests
1st Pope to establish Coptic monasteries outside of Egypt, currently numbering 9 The truth is, YOU are as close to God as you CHOOSE TO BE.... Think it's impossible?
Think again.... ONE MAN...
Who dedicated his whole life to serve God...
Establishing over 500 churches Worldwide all in 40 years...
Who always remained loving and humble, and always thought of others before himself in every thing he did...
There couldn't have been a better role model for each and every one of us... DARING TO BE DIFFERENT doesn't neccessarily mean creating world wonders, but rather random acts of kindness that have the POTENTIAL to make world wonders... DARING TO BE DIFFERENT also includes the practice of self-discipline and self-control
Remembering who our Savior is should bring us happiness and gladness throughout ANY circumstance... 1973 - 1974:
He became the first Pope in over 1500 years to visit the Vatican.
H. H. has paid many visits to the various sister Orthodox churches such as those of Constantinople, Moscow, Romania, and Antioch.
Due in part to his contribution, a full communion of these churches with the Oriental Orthodox Churches is very close "The whole Christian world is anxious to see the church unite. Christian people...are pushing their church leaders to do something about church unity and I am sure that the Holy Spirit is inspisiring us."
-H.H Pope Shenouda III "As a stranger I lived in this world, a guest like my fathers. A stranger in many ways, thoughts and humor."
-Pope Shenouda III Established over 200 churches in North America
and over 40 in Australia and New Zealand.
Founded the first Coptic church in South America, the first in Brazil, the second in Bolivia.
Under his leadership, the Coptic church became a full and active member in many church councils around the world.
Nuba Salama
Lina Girgis
Nuba Saied
Kyro Seif
Sherry Gabra
Marina Roufail
Tina Awad
Mark Kodsy
Sally Gabra
Kero Zakhary
Demi Hanna
Mariam Makram
Mark Abdelmalak Starring... And Special Thanks to...
Abouna Mikhail, Abouna Morcos, and Bishoy Mikhail
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