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Greetings From The World

No description

Pablo Beltrán

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Greetings From The World

URL of the project
What is this about?
Instead of throwing away the posters made by our students at the end of the course, this project aims to collect them and to share them with the world, inviting their peers to look and create posters, giving a new opportunity to LEARN.
Who? How many schools?
6 different continents.
19 different countries.
29 different schools
How do students contribute / edit
They contribute by creating posters (glogs) with Glogster. This way they present some facts about their own country, so students from other places can look at the world with other vision in mind.
Favorite parts
It's very dynamic, and I'm sure the students get engaged.
Platform and tools
Wikispaces as main platform
Tool to create posters:

An example:
Greetings from the world
To be improved?
I think that using a wiki is not the best option. Maybe a blog would be ok. That way, recent entries would appear at top...
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