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Emos - Marketing Principles 200083

No description

Isaac Elbaz

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Emos - Marketing Principles 200083

With approximately 94% of teenagers having either Facebook or Twitter, we feel it would be highly inappropriate not to take full advantage of this and advertise on social networks.
Radio, television and the internet would also be appropriate sources to advertise as all teens either use a computer, drive a car, watch tv or use their mobile phones.
Emos - Express
Express - Our Product
Being a new business to the market, Express won't have such a large reputation and high customer loyalty compared to other companies.
Price Penetration - Advertising our product at a low price, slighty above cost price, to gain higher market share.
This would allow us to attract and appeal to more consumers as our product won't be expensive
Isaac Elbaz - 17706416

Cassandra Bayliss - 17701280

Debra Scott - 17701567

Zoe Eduardo - 17790071

Riley Earle - 17786140

Marketing Principles 200083 - Tutorial 10-11am

Located all around Sydney and Melbourne, in all major shopping centres
Also, online to be able to reach a wider range of consumers and be able to deliver Australia wide.
Taking advantage of e-commerce and attempting to compete with our competitors
Selective Channel
Strengths, Weaknesses,
Opportunities, Threats
Direct Competitors
Express' Need Satisfaction
Express satisifes needs relevant to our niche target of Emo's. These are achieved by recognition of convenience of access, quality and satisfaction of a reasonable price, acceptance and belonging, whilst remaining an outlet self-actualisation throughout expression.
- Convenience - online access globally, incredibly user friendly after research groups
- Satisfying price - due to the age and demographics of this tribe, the products offered cannot be excessively priced. The quality of product is exceptional for the low price tag.
- Belonging - offering current styles suited to this particular group in society.
- Self-actualisation - Defining the inner personality throughout our customisation and mood-technology. This satisfies the feeling of superior emotions. Allowing society to acknowledge the inner feelings.

Express is available online and in stores, allowing Emo’s, particularly our niche market of 15-18 year old target, to custom make clothing (shirts, hats and jumpers) by choosing the colour, front, material and style of shirt they would like to create. Individuals are able to place slogans or phases on their shirts, allowing unique individual expression. Moreover, mood technology means the shirts have the ability to light up via a switch allowing them to turn on and off their statement which changes colour in accordance with the mood that they are in.
Our brand is express.com, which has a double meaning. It uses "express" as individuals are able to individually express themselves which is essential to this tribe. We will “express” ship it to the customer, being advantageous over competitors.


- express and customise your mood at your convenience!

Easy to navigate website!

Comfortable design and great fit!

Up-to-fashion - Current emo trends for teens at a great price!

Many colours, fonts, styles and materials!
Emos - Tribe Profile
Emos are are a particular group in the society who can be stereotyped or classified as having an emotional state of mind. Emo, short for emotional, is taking a new tole since the 20th century of expressing yourself. The stereotype extends to define an emo as anti-social as they are often bullied and they tend to not like mainstream things such as bright colours. Emos tend to like alternative or rock bands, tend to wear skinny jeans and band-T's. This is where our product concept is initiated. Emos express themselves in an different and individual way to other tribes and prefer to be unique within society.
The inspiration behind the product. Proved to be successful in previous years with similar target market, working by adapting colour with every mood change. Expression of feelings.

Original idea which was a big hit with teens and kids
Mood Rings. Do You Remember Them?

Express.com has a strong online presence. This ensures we adapt and keep up with our competitors, such as online stores.

Format of a website contributes to customisation of the product which is our main point of product differentiation. This also improves sales promotion with greater attraction to incentives to purchase.
Other customised clothing stores, primarily online stores.
- Online customised clothing stores are our biggest competitors - these include:

More specifically online Emo tailored clothing - www.bluebanana.com

Indirect Competitors
Indirect Competitors - while not directly impacting the business, these retailers and local stores remain a threat on the market.

* Examples of local stores and clothing retailers -
Cotton on
General pants

* Examples of online retailers -
The iconic

Picture: www.voicesfromthetrail.com

-Convenient: easy access online
-Fast: delivery is fast and efficient
-Low cost to start up business
-New product
-New and innovative product
-Expand market share
-Online competitors
-Natural disasters can affect the suppliers growth of cotton
Macro-environmental forces
Demographic Environment:
Millennials or Generation Y
- Born between 1977-2000

- Group includes tweens aged between 11-12, teens 13-18, and young adults 19-34

- Fluent with digital technology

- Over 90% of millennials are on the web, making up 40% of all Australian internet users

- 77% frequently use social networking sites
Economic environment
- Buying behavior of Millennials mainly consist of online shopping

- Total purchasing power of more than $48 billion

- Online shopping is cheap, fast and efficient
Natural Resources

- Shortage of raw materials (cotton) with the cause of natural disasters
Technological environment
- With new technological developments and advances, we were able to create a material that changes colour depending on the mood of the person wearing the item.

- With new technology people are able to purchase items online.
Political and Social Environment
Laws and regulations:
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC):

- Protect companies, consumers and the interests of society

- Socially responsible behaviour
Cultural Environment
- Shifts in secondary cultural values including peoples views of themselves

- Emo’s see themselves as individualists and therefore use products, brands and services that allow them to express themselves.
Potential demand for product concept and brand
Overall marketing strategies
to be implemented
Social networking sites:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- YouTube
- Instagram
- Tumblr
Pull strategy
1. How old are you? (please circle)

10-14 15-19 20-24 25+

2. What is your gender? (please circle)

Male Female

3. Which out of the following do you consider yourself? (please circle)

- Hipster
- Indie
- Emo
- Gangster
- Glamazon

4. Are you most likely to purchase clothing online or in-store?

5. Which items of clothing do you purchase on a regular basis?

6. What special features would you like to see on an online clothing website?

7. Does the clothing name "Express" appeal to you?

8. What social networking site are you most active? (please circle one)

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Youtube

Survey Questions
References -
Molitorisz, S. 'Tribes of the Sydney', The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 January 2010.

Armstrong, G, Adam, S, Denize, S & Kotler, P 2012, Principles of marketing, 5th edn, Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW.

R.I.P my chemical romance, 2013, image, Consequence of Sound, 23 March, viewed 3 October 2013, <http://consequenceofsound.net/2013/03/r-i-p-my-chemical-romance/>.

Do mood rings really work, 2009, image, Voices from the Trail, 14 December, viewed 3 October 2013, <http://www.voicesfromthetrail.com/features/2009/12/14/do-mood-rings-really-work/>.

We have a competitive edge over our direct competitors who produce similar products due to our mood-technology employed which allows us to change the colour or mood of the shirt, inspired by the mood ring. This provides the ability to go a step further in allowing our target market of the Emo tribe to express their individuality and self-importance. Moreover, the mood-changing aspect appeals to the audience as it is a new concept which is specifically modified to adapt to their desires.
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