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John Proctor Bio-Poem

No description

Max Kearney

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of John Proctor Bio-Poem

John Proctor Bio-Poem

Good, Benevolent, Trustworthy, Honest

Affiliated with Elizabeth Proctor (His Wife), Abigail Williams (His partner in lechery), and Giles Corey (His friend)

Who enjoys farming his land, telling the truth, and doing what is the right thing to do

Who feels frustration, guilt, and anguish

Who needs forgiveness, Elizabeth, and his good name
Who gives his love and affection, the truth, and his life

Who fears corruption, losing his wife, and Abigail

Who would like to see Salem back to normal, his third child, and Abigail out of his life
Who dislikes Abigail Williams, liars, and the court system (Mr. Danforth)

Who secretly has talents in farming, lechery, and knowing what is right or wrong

Whom others think of as strong, honest, and a hard worker
Who would like to be a resident of his own home and a normal Salem village

John "Forthright" Proctor

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