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Wednesday Wars Chapter 6

No description

Nic Harris

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Wednesday Wars Chapter 6

Wednesday Wars Chapter 6
By: Nic, Sam, Kate, and Kennedy
Event #2
Event #3
Event #4
Event #1
Historical Context
Flower Child
Essential Ideas
This chapter fit in the larger novel because this just adds to the "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Meryl Lee seems like she is the perfect girl in Holling's eyes. Unfortunately, Meryl Lee shows her father a drawing Holling made that was his father's design for a new school. Meryl Lee's father was needing a design as well for the same project. He stole the design and used it for himself and ultimately beats Holling's dads company by using the design. Meryl Lee swears she did not mean for her father to take the design. Holling forgives her and her dad's company gives the contract to Hoodhood and Associates. All was forgiven but not everyone is perfect.
#1 What color flower did Holling have to wear?
#2 Who did Holling take on a date?
#3 How much money did Holling have to go on his date?
#4 What resturant did Holling go to on his date?
#5 What was the name of the Hoodhood and Associates compeditor's name for the junior high contract?
#6 Who was Danny Hupfer going out with?
#7 What play did they see on their date?
#8 How many cokes did Holling buy?
#9 What did Holling bring to Meryl Lee's house to appologize?
#10 Where was Mrs. Baker's husband?
Holling Hoodhood- Main character, goes to Camillo Junior High. He cares about Meryl Lee. He doesn't have a lot of money. For example on page 139, "I have $3.78." He likes Shakespeare. He now likes Mrs. Baker.

Mrs. Baker- Holling's English teacher at Camillo Junior High. She think Holling is a smart kid and cares about him. Her husband is currently missing in Vietnam. (Page 155)

Meryl Lee- A girl from Hollings grade that Holling has a crush on. She was asked out on a date by Holling. (Page 136-137) He dad is a competitor with Holling dad for a contract with the school.(Page 146) She shows her dad, Holling's dad's ideas.
Shakespeare Allusion
Play Synopsis
TheHoodhood family was attending the "formal presentation of The Chamber of Commerce Businessmen of 1967 award." (Page 130) Holling's father was receiving the award and the whole family went to support him. Right before they were about to leave home the ceiling in the Perfect Living Room fell and broke the piano even after carpenters had come and fixed it.
During school one day Holling asked Meryl Lee if she wanted to go somewhere for Valentine's Day. Meryl Lee refused to go because in previous chapters Holling had called her some rude things. He had called her "blind mole." (Page 136) He finally convinced her to go with him.
Mrs. Bigio had made Valentine cupcakes for everyone in the school and Mrs. Baker sent Holling to go and get the cupcakes. Mrs. Baker would not let him go until 1:18 when the cupcakes would be ready at 1. (Page 142) When Holling got the cupcakes Mrs. Bigio also handed him an envelope with two tickets to Romeo and Juliet for him to take Meryl Lee to. This foreshadows there date later in the chapter.
Holling and Meryl Lee went to the play and then after it was over they went to Woolworth's and got some Cokes. When they were their they began talking about how there fathers had to create designs of a new school building and Holling sketched his father's idea to show her. She then took the sketch home with her.
Event #5
At the meeting where Holling and Meryl Lee's fathers present there idea Meryl Lee's father's is a copy of Mr. Hoodhood. When the school board is deciding Mr. Kowalski withdrew his bid of the new school. Hoodhood and Associates got the contract. (Page 154)
Event #6
Mr. Guareschi came into the classroom with a telegram for Mrs. Baker. She opened it in front of the class and read it to herself she dropped it to the floor and then ran out of the room. Holling and Meryl Lee went to go set it on her desk and the note said, "Downed helicopter transport stop Khesanh stop LT T Baker Missing in Action Stop." (Page 155)
In this presentation we will cover the chapters timeline, main characters, historical event, Shakespeare allusion, and essential idea.
In this presentation we went over the chapters timeline, main characters, historical event, Shakespeare allusion, and essential idea.
The flower child was introduced during the Vietnam War. The flower child supported peace. You may also know the flower child as it's more common name, a hippie. These children included girls and boys. This was an important part in the 1960s because the Vietnam War was very controversial. These kids and adults usually had long hair and very colorful clothes. Holling's sister is an excellent example to a flower child's life.
The Shakespeare play alluded to in this chapter was
Romeo and Juliet
. Mrs. Baker assigns Holling to read it. He read it in three nights which takes a lot more dedication than most people have to read plays. It's almost like Holling is Romeo and Meryl Lee is Juliet because they are in the families of two competing businesses.
Romeo and Juliet
is about two people falling in love but their families forbidding it. They are from different royal families and are not allowed to love each other. After they can't take not being able to with each other anymore, Juliet drinks a poisonous potion that
kills her. When Romeo finds out she drank poison, he drinks a potion that did kill him. Juliet finds that Romeo is dead and kills herself with a knife.
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