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Understanding Complex Feelings

4th Grade Lesson 5

Annie Brumitt

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Understanding Complex Feelings

Understanding Complex Feelings What did the song say to do? Show them that you get it. Treat them with kindness through and through! Part of growing up is understanding that feelings can be complicated. THINK of two feelings you had this morning when you were thinking about going to school. TURN and TELL your group. What word have we been using to describe noticing and feeling or understanding how others feel? If you have empathy for one another, you'll get along better. When you get along better, school becomes a better place for learning. Today you're going to talk about understanding your own and others' feelings. You will also learn that you can have more than one feeling about a given situation. We're going to watch a video about a situation between two friends. Look for clues that tell you how these friends might feel. How do you think Gabriella felt? How can you tell? Why might Gabriella have felt confused? How do you think Emma felt? Yes, Emma also had complicated feelings about the situation. How can you tell? THINK about a time when someone might have more than one feeling about something a friend wants to do. This can be real or imagined. TURN and TELL your group, but DO NOT use names. Having several feelings at once is confusing. What do you think Emma could do to handle her feelings? Emma likes to do things with Gabriella some of the time, but not all of the time. Today, Emma wanted to practice new dance moves. Just because she didn't want to play with Gabriella this time doesn't mean she doesn't like her or that she won't want to play with her next time. Now THINK, if you were in Emma's shoes, what might you do to show you understand and respect how Gabriella is feeling? TURN to your group and TOGETHER think of two things Emma could do. Let's see how Emma handles the situation. Did Emma use one of your ideas? Let's do an activity. For each scenario, think of two feelings and WHY the students might feel that way. Eric has been invited to go skateboarding, but he has never tried it before. His best friends are going and he doesn't want to be left out. Eric is feeling ________ because _____________. Jina has been invited to spend the night at a friend's house, but she wont be able to watch her favorite show with her family. Jina is feeling _________ because _______________.
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