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bpd present

Norris Ng

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of HPG

Double click anywhere & add an idea Agenda Company Background
SWOT analysis
Scope of investigation
As-Is Process
Criteria of IT Redesign & the application of Principles and Tactics
To-Be Model
Comparison of the As-Is & To-Be

Company Background Procurement provider for new hotels
-Wynn Macau China,
-JW Marriott Cusco ,
-Sheraton Four Points

Project budgeting

Global sourcing
Global Vendor Relationship
-To provide the best variety and
diversity of
products and services

Real-time , online procurement system
-To maintain a better
communication and customized
-To provide timely reports and
authority to monitor the progress
of the entire project
SWOT analysis Strength Able to work within budget
Able to meet tight deadlines
Extensive vendor network and in-depth relationships
Professional project team
Powerful procurement system
Information Sharing
Procedures are too complicated and time consuming
Opportunities Many countries trying hard to boost up tourism.
“Hotel” is not only just a temporary accommodation but also a paradise for relaxation and entertainment in nowadays.
Regular renovation of the existing hotels.
Global Competition

Conflict of Interest with hotel operators Threats Scope of investigation Defining the initial visions:

“PO processing could be simplified and streamlined by the adoption of information technology “
Long transfer time and cycle time
-Only hard copy is allowed
-Time Consuming
As-is Process High paper cost
-> prepare lots of copies
Low efficiency of current system
-no sorting function
-time consuming
Shipment problem solving
- facing similar problem per shipment
e.g. packaging
-time consuming in settling down
-high human resources cost
Criteria for IT Redesign Automation
Multi-dimensional Report
Information Repository
-Old: HPG send PO to client
-New: System send PO to client
Principle & Tactics
-Lose Wait
-Allow a support activity gate the core
value-added process
- Mass Customize
-Flex access by expanding the time
window for the process
-Flex access by migrating the physical
space in which the process happens
-Digitize and Propagate
-Partner a process to another enterprise
-Old: Client -> HPG -> Logistic Agent
-New: Client -> HPG & Logistic
Principles & Tactics
-Lose Wait
-Redesign time-sequential activities
to be executed concurrently
-Insource a process back into the enterprise
- Old: Expediting report by PO no.
- New: Expediting report by Delivery date
Principle & Tactics
- Vitrify
-Provide reporting capabilities that
provide on-the-fly process
- Analyze & Synthesize
-Provide “slice and dice” data analysis
capabilities that detect patterns
-Vendor contact information
-Suggested Solutions of logistic problems
Principle & Tactics
-Digitize and Propagate
-Make the process more easily accessible
-Connect, Collect & Create
-Build knowledge repositories that can
be reused to enhance the
performance of the process
-Learn preferences of customers &
doers of the process through
To-be Improvement Sending purchase orders through email
New system for searching document
-Information sharing and sort, e.g. PO
Provides guideline for shipment problems
Implementation Parallel Approach
-new and original process occurs at the same
-new process will be adopted on new hotel
-ones that have been under process will not be
Bounded by the contract terms
Time limitation
Confusion as a result of inconsistency process
Main Reason Weakness Concrete implementation Constant communication with top management
Regular status report
Consultation with IT specialist and project managers
Staff training courses
-Improvement , Better performance
Briefing and discussion with vendors
-Most efficient scale
Consultation with logistic agent and clients
Q & A
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