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Event One

No description

Isabella DeFehr

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Event One

Their Eyes Were Watching God Timeline
Event Four
The couple arrives in Eatonville. They are married and Jody gets right to work purchasing land and making his name known around town.
Event Six
Jody opens a town store that Janie works in. The greed and fame start to go to his head and he is very mean and even abusive towards Janie. The last years of their marriage are very miserable for her.
Event Eight
One day Janie is working in the store when a man comes in. He is very funny and makes her laugh a lot. He invites her to play checkers and they have a great time. They see each other many more times and eventually fall in love over time.
Event Ten
There is a huge hurricane, and the land floods. As they are fleeing, they have to swim some of the way. Janie tries to grab on to the tail of a cow a dog sitting on its back tries to attack her. Tea Cake swims to her rescue and gets bit by the dog. He develops rabies and loses his mind. One day he tries to shoot Janie so she shoots him in self defense. He dies and Janie returns to Eatonville.
Event One
Janie is raised by her grandmother named Nanny and has never met her parents. She enjoys spending her time sitting under a tree and daydreaming. They live in the backyard of a different family's house, but they move when Janie starts to get ridiculed at school.
Event Two
Nanny sees Janie kissing a boy and arranges for her to be married to a wealthy middle-aged farmer
Event Three
The marriage is very unloving and the farmer, Mr. Killicks, expects Janie to work for him in the fields. One day while he is gone, she meets an exciting man named Joe Starks and she runs away with him.
Event Five
Jody does so many things for the town, he quickly becomes mayor and purchases a new street light for the town. Him and Janie live in a large two story house.
Event Seven
Jody starts to look and feel very old. The doctor tells him that his kidneys are failing. On his deathbed, Janie finally stands up to him. She is scorning him for always being so mean when he dies. Janie feels a new sense of freedom and burns all of the rags he made her wear on her head.
Event Nine
Against everyone's wishes, Janie moves to the everglades with Tea Cake and is finally enjoying her life not having to worry about social status.
Granny bonding time
You can tell he's wealthy by his quality overalls
She's out
This is Eatonville
A rather fancy light
They are clearly having some marital issues
He looks rather happy considering the circumstances
How could you say no to that face?
Well, those are the everglades
Janie looking fly as ever at the funeral
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