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the incadescent light bulb

No description

keishla sandoval

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of the incadescent light bulb

thomas edison who invented the incandescent light bulb ? how does the incandescnet light bulb work ? the very first person who invented the incandescent light bulb was Humphry Davy in 1809 he created the first electricity power light the invention was greatly rifined by thomas edison 60 years later by designing a powerful bulb that can burn for 40 hours and this was the first incandescent light bulb . what come after the incandescent light bulb? An incandescent bulb that uses 75 watts can be replaced with a CFL bulb that only uses 20 watts. the average CFL (compact fluorescent lamp ) bulb lasts 8000 hours. Over 8000 hours, a 75-watt incandescent bulb costs $48.00 to run, while a 20 watt CFL comes in at nearly a quarter of the cost at $12.80! That is a savings of $35.00 over the life of the light bulb. what came before the incandescent light ? way before the incandescent lights came there
was only candles and that is what people
would use as light instead of the
incandescent light bulb because in those times
there was no such thing as light . The incandescent light bulb how did the incandescent light bulb change society ? this changed industry in so many ways half of the electricity used by industry is for lighting. In homes, up to 25 percent of our electric bill is for lighting so you see this made it easier for everyone instead of using candles in there homes . how did this change society ? well this change society in a good way cause they had light so whenever they didnt want to loose candles they couldve used light instead and now in 2013 we still use light so this changed society so much . the end thank you !! humphry davy
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