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S1 Unit 1 Revision

Mixed Revision for S1 Unit 1 (2012)

Pamela Hart

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of S1 Unit 1 Revision

Pythagoras Calculate: Whole Numbers
Decimals Sets Sets of
Numbers Algebra Simplification Coordinates Plot the following points:
B(-2, 7)
C (-1,0)
D(3,-5) Calculate Unit 1 S1 Revision 1. 3.7 x 45
2. 9.3 x 600
3. 2580 400 Free Range Chicken costs £11.20 per kilogram, how much would:
a) 9 kilograms cost?
b) 200 grams cost? Calculate: 1. 48 (3+5)
2. 3+6 x 2+5
3. 29-27 3-1
4. 600+3 x 8 Round the following

1. 4.6057 to 2 decimal places
2. 12.138 to 1 decimal place
3. 0.0997 to 2 decimal places The basics Written Which of the following packets of sweets are the best value for money? You must give a reason for your answer. 30g
£0.72 120g
£1.50 500g
£4.20 Round the following

1. 52.677 to 2 significant figures
2. 0.00124 to 1 significant figure
3. 725611 to 3 significant figures BODMAS Rounding Find and write down:

1. all the factors of 36
2. any 3 multiples of 7
3. the highest common
factor of 24 and 56
4. the lowest common
multiple of 5, 10 and 12
5. the prime factors of 490. Multiples
Factors Write down:

1. the product of the first 4 prime numbers
2. the sum of the first 5 square numbers
3. the value of

a) 13 b) 5

c) 81 d) 27 2 3 3 Powers Need more practice? The Basics: Ex1.4 & Ex1.5
Written: Ex1.3 & Ex1.6
Rounding: Ex1.2
Multiples and Factors: Ex2.2
Prime Factors: Ex 2.4 1. What is the difference between the
set of whole numbers and the set of
natural numbers?
2. Write down the values of x for
which :
a) x 5, x N
b) x -2, x Z < > Integers Calculate:
1. 4 x (-7)
2. (-6)+23
3. 17+(-44)-12
4. (-90) 3

5. 3-(-15)
6. (-34)-(-16)+(-6)
7. (-27)x(-3)
8. 21 (-7) Simplify the following expressions

1. x+x+x+x
2. 9y+3z-12y-z
3. 12g+3b-8g-3b-4g
4. -2v+4w-7v-12w Vocabulary Match the following words to the correct "definition".

Term a mathematical phrase that combines numbers and/or variables using mathematical operations a symbol that is used in place of an unknown value +, -, x, Substitution Given a=12, b=-5 and c=7, evaluate:

1. a + b - c
2. 2a + 5b
3. abc
4. a + b + c 2 2 2 Formulae Miles (M) can be converted to Kilometres (K) using the formula:

K =

Use the formula to convert 65 miles into kilometres. 8m
5 v=ut+ at can be used to calculate the velocity (v) of an object given the initial velocity (u), the time of travel (t) and the acceleration (a).

Calculate the velocity if: the initial velocity is 5m/s, the time of travel is 10s and the acceleration is 2m/s . 1
2 2 2 Write down the temperature that is:

a) 10 c less than 4 c
b) 12 c less than -2 c
c) 23 c higher than -6 c What year is:

a) 5000 years before 2012AD?
b) 2520 years after 350BD? Plotting 1. Write down the coordinate of
each point.
2. Write down the
coordinates of A', B' and
C', the images of A, B
and C when reflected in
the x-axis.
3. Write down the
coordinates of D' and E',
the images of D and E
when reflected in the
y-axis. Reading x y A B C D E Calculate the length of x in the two triangles below. x 10.5cm 11cm x 27mm 19mm Proof Are the triangles below right angled? 5m 4m 3m 25cm 20mm 12cm Problem Solving The Jolly Roger leaves Tortuga and heads 50 miles South-East, it then turns North-East and travels on to find buried treasure.
If the direct distance between Tortuga and the buried treasure is 75 miles, how far North-East did the Jolly Roger travel? (Give your answer to 2 significant figures.) Need more practice? Integers(+,-): Ex6.2-6.5 Need more practice? Simplifying: Ex10.2
Substitution: Ex1.3
Formulae: Ex10.4 Need more practice? Reading: Ex7.3
Plotting: Ex7.4
Reflection: Ex7.5 the number that multiplies a variable (sits in front of a variable). 10x, 7y, -5b, etc. Coordinates Plot the points A(-2, 5) and B(6, -1).

Plot another point, C, to make ABC a right angled triangle.

Hence, calculate the length of the line AB.
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