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IHOP Franchise

International House Of Pancakes

Kevin Quinones

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of IHOP Franchise

International House Of PANCAKES By: Anthony Quan & Kevin Quinones There are about 20 IHOP stores in Canada, more than 1500 in US and Many more around the World A Multi-Restaurant, has a franchisee fee of
$40 000 and development fee of $20 000 For buying a single restaurant, the franchisee fee is $50 000 and the location fee is $15 000. The Royalty fee is 4.5% of Grossing Sales The National Advertising Fund is 2.25% of Grossing Sales The Local Advertising Fee is 0.75% of minimum Gross Sales The Average Training for a franchisee is 7 weeks They send the franchisee and some employees to CHART to develop the skills necessary to work in the hospitality business. CHART or Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers The oldest and largest not-for-profit organization for training in the hospitality industry Chart positively impacted millions of employees and their mission is to train employees to become well equipped, trained professionals. Net worth of at least $1,500,000

Ability to identify your available funds

Have restaurant experience

Management Experience

Demonstrated Leadership Skills

Have a business plan for proposed financing of development

Identify development Interest
[Multi-Restaurant Development, Single Restaurant Development] Obligations for a Franchisee to a Franchisor Franchisee Training SUPPORT THAT IHOP PROVIDES Site Selection Assistance Restaurant Designing-Planning Restaurant-Opening Assistance ADVANTAGES of Owning IHOP Having a widely renowned business lasting over 50+ years

Getting to own a business that sells moderately priced foods and beverages in an attractive family atmosphere

Open long hours and has a broad array of menu items such as lunch, dinner and snacks

Make big profits

The Best Pancake house in the world More popular in USA than in Canada Disadvantages of owning IHOP Fewer locations in Canada Restaurants are not in convenient areas They have appealing TV commercials

They Advertise using different social Medias

Youtube, Twitter, Facebook,

They Market to Family Households

Has catchy slogans such as:
"Come Hungry leave happy" Marketing and Advertising Programs A Franchisee typically makes anywhere from $750,000 - $1,000,000

Profits will vary depending on location of store

Has very loyal customers that will enjoy your food and service

Has more cost efficient products Potential Earnings and Profits THIS WILL If None of this makes you want to own an IHOP
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