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The Invention of the Power Loom

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Madison Jendrusch

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Invention of the Power Loom

By:Madison Jendrusch, and Joey Meyer The Steaming Power Loom Inventor Bibliographies The power loom was invented to speed up the production of clothing. The invention of the power loom improved the lives of many people of the United States because, they were able to get the needed clothes almost whenever they pleased. By speeding up production of cloth and clothes they were able to tax the good. With the overabundance of cotton now being produced, because of the cotton gin, the power loom was greatly needed. With the invention of the power loom people were able to make and produce more clothing. Along with the increased production of cotton-based clothes also came an increase in the amount of tax recieved. By increasing the production of cotton (caused by the cotton gin) came an increase in the production of clothes (from the power loom) with the increase in the amount of clothes also came the need to tax the goods. Economic Advantages The power loom is still used today, except for the fact that it is just more modernized. Some of the new modernized versions are: the air-jet, water-jet, and the Rapier loom. These versions of the power loom are almost exact replicas, but just faster, and even more efficient than it was in 1820. www.irevolution.wikispales.com
www.Fibre2fashion.c/industry-article/1/37/indian-power-loom_industry-an-overview1.asp The power loom was first invented in America by Francis Cabot Lowell in 1816. The power loom is a steam powered loom that is also mechanically operated. This was invented to intertwine thread to make cloth. The power loom was invented because weaving cotton by hand was too time consuming and not very profitable becuase they could only produce so much at one time. Effects on American People and Society Evolution of the Power Loom The Steaming Power Loom By: Madison J. and Joseph M.
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