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Principles of Fashion Merchandising

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Azure Decker

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Principles of Fashion Merchandising

Principles of Fashion Merchandising
Test Two

Compare and contrast the roles of the designer, the merchandiser, and the product manager in developing a line.
Research colors, trends, and fabrics
Design the apparel
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of standardization of women's apparel sizes
XS,S,M,L makes sizing easier for tops or dresses
Discuss the influence of modern production techniques on the manufacturing of menswear. What are the effects on costs and pricing?
Because modern technology has made it easier to produce menswear, the cost of production has greatly decreased causing a decrease in pricing as well
How has the increasing informality of dress affected the accessories industries?
The informality of dress has caused the accessories industries to boom. It is so easy to wear a casual shirt and jeans but play it up with some jewelry, a scarf, and a handbag.
What is the role of designer names in menswear? Which men's designer fashions are currently popular?
The designer menswear is booming today. Although a man may not always buy a new designer suit, products like jeans and t-shirts are being licensed by designer names as well.
Product Manager:
Planning production
Give current examples of brand extensions in apparel, accessories, fragrances and cosmetics, and home furnishings
Calvin Klein's underwear line
Matching minibag
Tory Burch sells fragrances with her cosmetics line
Coming out with a hair brush to sell with cosmetics
Home Furnishings:
Sells kitchen electronics with home furnishings

For bottoms, a zero in one store could be a 2 in another store
What are the repercussions of a name brand or designer manufacturer selling current season apparel to off-price outlets as well as to department and specialty shops
If a designer's apparel is still being sold when a new line comes out, the responsiveness will be low because there is no demand for something new
Is the conservative men's suit dying out, or is it taking on a new life in the wake of more casual business dress codes? In what situations are tailored suits commonly worn in your community? What local trends do you see?
The men's suit is simply being altered to fit the casual lifestyle that many seem to be living today
A tailored suit is only worn for a wedding or a funeral in my town
If someone is wearing a suit, it is doubtful that they are also wearing a tie.
Men's suits and sportswear currently brings in the most profit from designer labels.
Discuss the importance of licensing in today's childrenswear market. How does the licensing system work? Why is it particularly popular with children?
It allows the apparel to be more child oriented, rather than making their garments a smaller version of adults clothing
Retailers must contact the licensed company and ask permission to license and sell apparel with their characters
Licensing is very popular with children's clothing because there are numerous of characters that appeal to children that can be easily licensed
Discuss the pros and cons of school uniforms. What impact does this have on the childrenswear industry?
No one will be bullied based on what they wear
Everyone is considered equal
Children are unable to express themselves
Because of this, the childrenswear industry must design clothes that fall in the range of school uniforms, but still allowing children to express themselves
What trends do you see in the young adult market today that have filtered into the design of children's clothing?
List each of the current important fashion accessory items and discuss why they are important to the total fashion look. At which stage of the fashion cycle is each item positioned? Give reasons for your answers.
Necessity that can be fashionable
Fashion statements that are also easy and convenient storage
Keeps you warm while showing elegance
Worn for any occasion
Can be casual or dressy
Gives protection from sun
Shows status
Symbol of wealth
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