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World War II- The Battles at North Africa

No description

Anam Hania

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of World War II- The Battles at North Africa


NOrth African Battlefront

World War II:

Dark Green: Allies before the attack on Pearl Harbour
Light Green: Allied countries that entered the war after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.
Orange: Axis Powers <------ Allies Axis Powers
-------> Objectives of the North African Campaign:
Gain French Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as a base for enlisting the French colonial empire in the war
By gaining greater territory, the French can assist Allied forces (British forces) being threatened by Axis powers
Britain has Egypt- Suez Canal vital for control of the Mediterranean
Germans and Italian allies control a narrow strip along Mediterranean coast between Tunisia and Egypt

The Campaign

Italy invades Egypt from its bases in Libya
After building up army, British troops march west
British troops as far west as El Agheila.
German general Rommel and his troops arrive at Tripoli, Libya.
Rommel pushes east from western Libya
British retreat eastward towards Egypt
British strike west, Rommel's forces counterattack
Rommel advances to El Alamein First Battle of El Alamein

Significance: Victory by Allied powers halts
the second and final advance by Axis forces into

El Alamein, Egypt Completely ended Axis hopes
of gaining Egypt, the Suez Canal,
and Middle Eastern Oil Fields

Confirms Allied Powers' domination Allied victory in North Africa
Kasserine Pass

Rommel launches a major offensive at Kasserine pass
Rommel forced to withdraw from Kasserine
Allied forces push Axis powers north and west
Axis powers cornered near the cities of Tunis and Bizerte in Tunisia
May 3rd- Allies declare victory Erwin Rommel Harold Alexander
Great Britain Dwight Eisenhower Bernard Mongomery
Great Britain Ugo Cavallero
Francois Darlan
Significance of the North American Campaign

Because the Axis powers fought on a second front in North Africa, western Allies Provided some relief to the Soviet Union while it was fighting the Axis on the Eastern front

Valuable information learned from the British Ultra codebreaking operation (codebreaking of German radio communications)

Later helped to lead to Allied success World war II
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