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Dropbox: UX Experience

Life in the cloud

Jess C

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Dropbox: UX Experience

UX design to bring in customers Dropbox used Adwords, but quickly realized:
$300 in Adwords produced 1 sign-up
Lifetime value of each customer is $100
Losing $200

"In an age of empowered consumers with tools to share their opinion at every turn, the best way to bring in new customers might not be to advertise, but to reward your current customers instead." - Joshua Porter, Director UX, Hubspot

Double-sided incentive encourages customers to advertise for them:
Existing users referred new users, each got free space

Dropbox's UX facilitates this recruitment process Dropbox Dropbox Cloud storage & file synchronization
Praised for ease of use and simple design
"Good design allows people to see the big picture before diving into details, but it also makes all the key details readily available...Good design doesn’t just look simple; it is simple. It communicates complexity seamlessly." - Ilana Westerman, UX Magazine Freemium
SAAS - Software as a service
IAAS - Infrastructure as a service
vs. Microsoft Sharepoint, enterprise software or individual licensing (packaged, one-time payment) Dropbox becomes part of the multiscreen ecosystem. The UX Experience: Downloading Firefox life in the cloud The Dropbox Business Model Chrome Safari Internet Explorer "Techies forget how something as trivial as downloading and running a file can be a huge deal for the average user. What Dropbox has done here is a nice touch over the standard big Download button."
- Scott Hanselman, Microsoft employee UX to generate brand evangelism Completeness: 'by nature we feel the need to fill in gaps' Psychological principles at work Psychological principles at work The power of the free: We are prone to go for free things, even if they come at a price later Psychological principles at work Social proof: We look to others to guide our behaviour.
Important given: new technology, privacy concerns about authentication architecture and terms of service. Visuals are "not too tech-y" UX designing for behavior (usability)
designing for visceral response (persuasion) Designing for context on multiple devices
"The ecosystem of screens" "The more unobtrusive and transparent the experience is at the time of use, the better the design. This means the user does not have to think about the device he is using, changes in the environment or changes in context and can rely on great functionality and ease of use independent of his situation...Designing for context is about aligning the purpose of a product with the user's requirements at any given time or in any given situation." - Avi Itzkovich, UK Magazine Context
Quick access
Continuous/coherent multi-screen experience
On a mobile there is SMS, Facebook, Twitter integration
Device simultaneity
Camera option "[Your] existing, passionate customers (the people who have gone through the usage lifecycle) are the most powerful asset you have. They know why your product is great and they can communicate that to their social network better than you can...they tend to be much more influential than you."
- Joshua Porter, Director UX, Hubspot The Space Race Competition
Tiered rewards
xGB of free space for each tier reached
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